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‘This Obama accuses us of taking pictures of him’: Singaporean on holiday says he was abused outside Seoul mosque, Singapore News


While vacationing in South Korea, the Singaporean wanted to shoot a video highlighting the only mosque in Seoul.

But shortly after he started recording, a local man walked up to TikTok user Shallummaswandi and insulted him.

“What are you looking at and why are you filming?” the man can be heard shouting in Korean outside Seoul’s Central Mosque.


My first content for South Korea and got disturbed by a Mad Guy! #korea #itaewon

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In another video, shared the same day (Dec. 23), Shallummaswandi stands in front of the camera while the debate heats up behind her.

“It’s fucking looking for me,” the Singaporean said, adding that several locals came to his rescue.

Shallummaswandi’s TikTok video has over 480,000 views.

In the comments, many netizens worried about his safety.

“Are you okay?” one netizen asked, to which Shallummaswandi replied that he was.

Some netizens also wanted to know if such harassment incidents are common in South Korea.

“Is it normal in Korea?” quipped one netizen, while Shallummaswandi responded that he couldn’t judge by just one thing.

When another netizen lamented in the comments that “Going to South Korea has no appetite”, Shallummaswandi replied: “Explore the world, just be careful.”

In a subsequent TikTok video shared on Monday (Dec. 26), Shallummaswandi shared that he wanted to film the mosque after having lunch at a restaurant with a nearby cousin.

The man said: “This Ouba (Korean term for an older male) walked in on purpose and started yelling and accusing us of taking pictures of him.

“He was getting louder. That’s when another local came in to stop the altercation, but it got worse.”


Replying to @Sofia story telling time hot hot from oven. My cousin wanted credits so giving her 2 seconds of fame 😂 #korea #jisanforestresort #love

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Shallummaswandi shared that police were called in to deal with the “mentally unsound” harasser, who was known to “trigger” foreigners in the area.

The tourist added that he was questioned by the police, saying: “Fortunately (there was) that video, it was my proof to the police that we did nothing wrong, he was the aggressor.”

In the three-minute video, the Singaporean also played down concerns that South Korea might be a racist country.

“It’s not right to judge an entire country or region on this one-off case,” he said, adding that acts of racism are pervasive.

AsiaOne has contacted Shallummaswandi for more information.

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