They attack dogs with machetes

They attack dogs with machetes

A new case of animal cruelty occurred in Popayan when A dog is attacked by a man with a machete In this shopping center of the capital.

The incident was recorded on video, where The aggressor appears to be attacking with a sharp weapon to a security guard.

At the time of the attack, a dog known in the area as Jacobo was at the scene, Try to protect the guards.

Immediately, as seen on camera, The subject can be seen attacking the animal with a machete.

According to authorities, Jacob He had several wounds on his body when he was hit by the machete on his head and body.

dog He was immediately assisted by those present He was taken to a veterinary center where surgery was performed on him.


The veterinarians’ initial balance was that the dog suffered severe head injuries and had to undergo surgery, but is now stable and recovering, one being the face.

The police rushed to the scene and acted quickly The person responsible was caught in time A few meters away from the incident site.

“We support Jacob, We do not allow intolerance of any kind towards our animals“.

Prosecutor David Muñoz of the Animal Cruelty Task Force reported in this regard: “We carried out all the investigative activities and urgent actions that were expected of the case Advance the effective prosecution of this man who was arrested at the scene. “

The incident is understood to have occurred hours before another citizen was arrested for killing a cat with a traumatic weapon in the city’s No. 7 commune.


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