These are unclaimed luggage items left behind by passengers


Traveling can be chaotic, especially when you’re traveling through some of the busiest airports in the world. So it’s completely understandable to have a brief lapse in memory and forget something, even your luggage, during airport security. If you do leave your luggage at the airport, know that you are not alone. In fact, about 2 million items were forgotten last year, according to the 2023 Unclaimed Baggage Discovery Report from Unclaimed Baggage, a store that resells lost luggage. The vast majority of these objects are…intimate in nature.

Items left unclaimed by passengers at the airport

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According to reports, the number one item found in leftover luggage was “underwear.” It’s common for people – even professional travel writers – to wear too much underwear. This was followed by “shoes,” “tablets and e-readers,” “t-shirts” and “books” rounding out the top five. “Shirts,” “blue jeans,” “headphones,” “dresses,” and “mobile phones” rounded out the top ten.

While these are all very common items, reports suggest people have also left behind some pretty crazy stuff. These include the most expensive items left behind, such as a 14-carat gold and diamond ring estimated at US$37,050 (HK$290,226), a Birkin 25 Bag Rose Azalee Swift handbag estimated at US$23,500 (and US$184,084), and a pair of Louis Vuitton Nikes An Air Force 1 mid-shirt is worth US$12,000 (HK$94,000), and a silk-blend Givenchy gown is worth US$9,990 (HK$78,255).

As for the “most mesmerizing” thing left behind, the team ranked “two live snakes” first, followed by a “voodoo box with the name of the person who opened the bag written on the bottom,” not one but It’s two Hermès Birkin bags, a 49-key Keytar synthesizer and a 13.3-foot women’s pole.

There are also some major trends that brands are lagging behind the most.

“As much as we imagine someone clinging to their precious Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup still ranks fourth on this year’s list of most forgotten water bottles,” the survey results show. “Yeti leads the way, with Hydro Flask close behind Subsequently.” The survey results also noted that LuluLemon was the “most unboxed sports brand” by a landslide, while the Nintendo Switch was the number one unclaimed gaming device this year.

What about the most common shoes? That’s Nike. “Pretty much, a lot. Nike is the most common shoe for men, women and kids, accounting for about 14% of all shoes we unpacked this year,” the team said. “Interestingly, according to our certification team, we have seen a significant decline in Yeezy sales, likely due to the brand’s recent public controversy.”

The best part? You can purchase all lost baggage directly at unclaimedbaggage.com. Because, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Even if the underwear is lost – by the way, the team promises it will be cleaned.

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