These Are The Best Destinations In The Philippines For Solo Travelers

The Philippines is one of the largest archipelagos in the world. This is a culturally diverse and interesting food place. This Southeast Asian country is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a tranquil and delightful destination for travelers looking for a pure atmosphere, the thick presence of nature, rich culture and cuisine.

Therefore, these factors make the Philippines an ideal place for travelers who want to sail alone. While there are so many solo travel destinations in the world, these are some of the best you’ll find in the Philippines so you can pack your bags and get ready for your next Asian adventure.

8 Palawan, Philippines

Witness the paradise in Palawan; the largest archipelago in the Philippines. Here, solo travelers can appreciate the beauty of the world. Palawan is known for its islands made up of big mountains, pristine sea water and delicious street food.

At Princess Gate, solo travelers can see Sabang Beach on Honda Bay Island. Other interesting locations in the capital of Palawan province include – Mount Baker, Butterfly Eco Garden, Quartle Plaza and Princess Gate Bay with occasional views of dolphins.

Travellers from all over the world have also enthusiastically witnessed the beauty of El Nido and the Colon Islands, both located in Palawan and ideal for solo travel as well. These destinations now attract tourists from Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

For travelers who don’t want to partake in the plethora of tourist activities El Nido and Coron have to offer, there are about 1,778 other islands to choose from, including Long Beach, the longest white beach in the Philippines.

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7 Baguio, Philippines

Explore the world of free solo travel in this mountainous city of the Philippines. One of its characteristics is the year-round cool climate, perfect for pleasant walks on the stunning beaches throughout the city.

Solo travelers can explore Baguio on their own starting at the city’s highest point, Minas Landscape Park; then visit Camo John Hay, Burnham Park and Tam Awan Village.

At Tam-Awan Village, travelers can enjoy:

  • Extraordinary hike with beautiful sunsets.

  • Beautiful art and well-preserved culture.

  • Hearty delicacies such as Beef Crater, Fried Chicken, Baguio Bagnet, Champorado and Lomo Ribs.

6 Cresta De Gallo, Philippines

This remote white-sand island in the middle of the ocean offers the perfect hideaway for solo travelers. Located in Romblon, this island offers fantastic views and long distances where travelers can run barefoot as long as they can hold their breath. In fact, adventurous travelers can do more than just run with clothes on. On this island, travelers are often disconnected from their mobile network, which helps them fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Those who stay long enough will also get the afterglow of the setting sun in the sky, and tears of joy flow down their eyes, leaving memories of a lifetime.

For solo travelers who wish to stay overnight, necessary survival materials such as tents, adequate water and food are required, as the lack of facilities on the island may not provide comfortable nights.

5 Bataan Island, Philippines

Despite being the smallest province in the Philippines, this archipelago still offers unforgettable travel experiences for solo travelers. It consists of the most surreal island group in the Philippines, which includes Bataan, Satang and Itbayat. For travelers looking to stay longer, a raincoat may be required, as the province receives more rain than any other part of the Philippines.

Solo travelers can enjoy an endless list of activities in Batam. Some of these activities include:

  • Explore exciting beaches such as – Morong, Valugan Boulders, Chanarian and White.

  • Visit Fundacion Pacia Lodge.

  • Hiking on Mount Ilaya.

  • Witness various cultural events on Bataan Day and June 26th.

  • Enjoy finger-licking foods like – Payi, Dibang, Vunes, Uvud Balls, Dukay Salad.

  • Enjoy the view of Vayang Roling Hills.

  • Check out the stone pyramid.

For very little money, solo travelers can also rent bicycles and continue their sightseeing from the previous day’s stop. For easy transactions in Batanes, cash is required as credit card options are scarce.

4 Siargao, Philippines

In this hospitable town, travelers can start their solo journey with delicious food such as – halo-halo, Patatas Bravas, Chicken Joy and Spaghetti, before easily surfing at the popular Cloud 9.

Solo travelers will enjoy secluded views of Taktak Falls and participate in cliff jumps. Other must-see places for solo travelers include – Daku and Guyam and Naked Islands.

3 Philippine Zambales

In Zambales, visitors can see and hike Mount Pinatubo, famous for its violent eruption in 1991. Zambales’ beaches and interesting food abound. Solo travelers can easily swim and hike on the province’s many beaches and mountains. Some of the thrilling sections that travelers want to see include: Kamala Island, Subic Beach, Nagisaasa Beach, Portiport Island, Capones Island, and Fort Pinatubo.

Plus, solo travelers in Zambales have plenty to do. Some of these include:

  • Abundant starfish can be seen on Magalawa Island, known as the Island of Stars.

  • Go hiking at Talisayen Cove.

  • Try the interesting Zambales food, one of which also includes the famous and delicious Zambales mango. This mango has been named the world’s sweetest mango by Guinness World Records and the Philippines’ sweetest mango by its Department of Agriculture.

2 Cebu, Philippines

The city is known for its beautiful waterfalls, numerous mountains and huge rainforests. Visitors can swim, hike and even rock climb in this spectacular place. To make the most of an adventure in Cebu, travelers don’t have to explore all 167 islands, as the popular ones also provide the greatest satisfaction. Popular islands to visit here include – Malapascua and Camotes.

Cebu is a place with a very low cost of living. A solo traveler who isn’t too lavish can enjoy an adventure in Cebu for around $60 a day or less. Sometimes, however, if travelers want to try something expensive and often eye-catching, their day-to-day costs can be higher.

Things to try in Cebu include:

  • See the thrilling Kawasan Falls and take part in waterfall jumps.

  • Try Cebu’s delicious street food.

  • Witness the Sinulog Festival in January.

Travelers are sure to have an experience of a lifetime in this city of beaches, rich culture, tourist vibes and hospitable locals.

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1 Sagada, Philippines

The Philippines is a bunch of mountains and islands, and Sagada happens to be one of the mountainous provinces located in the northern part of the country. Here, solo travelers can experience colorful sunrises in Kiltpan and inspire their adventures with the freshness of local delicacies; some of these include – Etag, Pinikpikan and Trio Formaggi Pizza.

Travelers also enjoy activities such as hiking, swimming and exploring caves. After travelers get a receipt from the Sagada Tourism Office, they can explore as much as they can by showing the receipt when they reach the destination they want to explore. There are usually additional fees involved. When traveling to Sagada, travelers should keep cash intact in order to conduct transactions.

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