The wave of the times… How many millionaires have “created” by cross-border e-commerce?

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Published May 23, 2023

A savvy female entrepreneur who lives a luxurious life on a six-figure salary has revealed that she only works two hours a day and even employs her own mother.

Veronica, who immigrated to the United States from Serbia, has always had a keen eye for business. Since the age of 24, she has been selling her own lip balm, selling clothes and shoes on Amazon, and is now a full-time consignment agent.

A non-stock model is a retail business where you set up a store to sell merchandise without investing in it yourself. Sellers can accept orders without having any inventory.

The picture above is the first luxury car purchased by Veronica, who hired her mother as an employee after she succeeded through the consignment model.

“The first time I started a business I sold my old clothes and I sold them out quickly and made about £800 in the first month and then quadrupled over time.”

“By chance, I came into contact with the no-source sales model, and found that the mall platform has sufficient supply and can be sold directly to make a profit. It is a very good platform. If someone buys my product, I just need to let the supplier ship it.”

“As long as I have a mobile phone or a computer, I can work anywhere in the world, so I started to enjoy the life of traveling, whether it is in Bali or the Maldives, I can work, I fell in love with this way of life.”

Now, Veronica is traveling the world with her family. She decided to go to all countries in the world and leave photos taken in each country.

“I don’t have inventory, I’m just someone in between the customer buying the product and the supplier, so I pay the supplier cost price, the supplier ships it to the buyer, and I’m just in charge of the customer service part.”

“I would say I’m addicted to making money, when you work for someone else you always get paid equally but when you’re self employed it’s all about profit so you get addicted and make more money so You work more.”

How to make money through the no-source mall model, is it easy?

As long as there is a buyer to buy, the seller can pay the order amount to the supplier, and the supplier will deliver the goods to the buyer. After the buyer receives the goods, the seller can get a fixed profit from the supplier.

There is no start-up fee. In theory, anyone can make money as a middleman. If you know a senior seller on the mall platform, through his invitation, you don’t even need to open a store. Even the platform will push traffic to you for free to help your store get more customers.

According to relevant sources, the monthly growth rate of the number of users and sellers on the passive platform is 35% higher than that of Amazon at its peak, which is an astonishing statistic.

Because the platform without source of goods is an e-commerce platform for the global market, there are buyers and sellers from all corners of the world, and suppliers on the platform come from as many as 67 countries around the world.

Because it is possible to open stores for free through guarantees, many merchants take advantage of this loophole to open stores for free, and a large number of sellers with e-commerce experience transfer from other e-commerce platforms to e-commerce platforms unconditionally. Commodity source.

Dropshipping can also run on any mobile phone or laptop with an internet connection, which is attractive to “digital nomads” who want to travel and earn money while working.

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