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The second round of the much-anticipated Asia’s largest poker tournament “ASPT (ASIA SERIES Poker Tour)” will be held in Taiwan from September 1, 2023 | Asia Series Poker Tour Press Release

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Together with the WSOP (World Series of Poker) held annually in Las Vegas and the EPT (European Poker Tour) held throughout Europe, we hope to create world-wide tournaments in Asia. admire.

Born out of this desire, the ASPT is Asia’s largest poker tournament hosted by top Japanese pros, including Sammy’s signed pro and Youtuber “Jesol”.

With an emphasis on “player first,” the series lets you experience detailed tournament structures designed and overseen by top Japanese poker pros.

Following the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the European Poker Tour (WPT), ASPT is operated by top Japanese professional players, including the famous poker YouTuber and signed professional player “Jaysol”, striving to create a well-known event in Asia. Players of Sammy Inc.

The ASPT Taiwan Station will be co-hosted with Asia Poker Arena (CTP), which is the first organization to cooperate with a Japanese organization.
The series emphasizes “player first”, allowing participants to experience a tournament structure carefully crafted by Japan’s top professional poker players.

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The first ASPT KOREA 2023 was held in “Paradise City” in South Korea. There were more than 2,000 entries and a total prize money of 130 million yen. It was very lively.

Second “ASPT” Tournament to Be Held at New Venue Asia Poker Arena in TaiwanSeptember 1 (Gold) ~ September 10 (Sun), 2023It was decided to hold a total of 10 days.

The inaugural ASPT Korea 2023 was held in South Korea’s “Paradise City” and attracted a lot of attention with more than 2,000 participants and a total prize pool of more than 1.3 billion won (US$1 million).

Now the second ASPT will be held at the new venue “Asian Poker Arena” in Taiwan from September 1st (Friday) to September 10th (Sunday) for a period of 10 days.

charm is everything“Players Come First”This is a brand new tournament design by Design.

the most important is,”Send as many people as possible home with lots of memories.“It’s the concept.

While the guaranteed prize pool is attractive, the big draw is the new tournament design, which puts “player first” in every aspect.

One of the key concepts of the collection is to ensure that each visitor leaves as many happy memories as possible.

  1. Best Tournament Structure in Asia

ASPT is a “really deep” tournament where you play slowly from the middle of the tournament to the end, not an “ostensibly deep” tournament with lots of starting chips, but it becomes turbo after all Structure after intermediate stages (fast game progression). I will provide one.

While many tournaments may start with big stacks, they often end up being turbo structures where the game progresses quickly. However, ASPT strives to provide a truly in-depth tournament experience, allowing players to engage in strategic play from the mid to late game.

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  1. Activities designed for a wide range of participants

There are events catering to a wide range of players, ranging from around 20,000 to 30,000 yen for small stakes events and over 500,000 yen for high stakes events.
In addition, we will also incorporate mixed games that are becoming popular in Japan, and offer various types of poker not limited to Texas Hold’em. Also pay attention to Asia’s first comprehensive mixed championship.

Whether it’s high or low, Texas hold’em or mixed games, people who can only take three vacations in a row at most, or people who can only take weekends off.
This diverse crowd is the poker tournament series, and our goal is to provide a schedule that will appeal to as many people as possible.

Wide range of tournament buy-ins

The ASPT is designed to meet the needs of different types of players, hosting tournaments with buy-ins ranging from the smallest $150-$200 to the largest $4,000+.

ASPT’s goal is to be the world’s largest “Poker Festival”, not just a “Texas Hold’em Festival”.

With high and low stakes games, Texas Hold’em and mixed games, ASPT strives to provide a poker collection that will satisfy as many players as possible.

  1. Re-evaluation of “delayed registration”

There is a glaring unfairness to late registration in that the longer the closure, the more losses will be lost to players who were seated from the start of the tournament.
The system is only for the convenience of players, and should never be a tool to create a lot of unfair phenomena or earn operation reentry times.

ASPT aims to achieve player supremacy by looking back on this inordinate amount of time.

Players who enter from an early stage will suffer some financial injustice due to the lengthy time until late registration.

“Late Registration” must not create significant inequalities or be exploited by the organizers.

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The second ASPT Championship will be held in Taiwan, Asia’s peaceful haven.

Adopting the “Asia’s best event structure”, the first event was well received.
This is one of the best poker tournaments in Asia, hosted by top Japanese pros with a player-first approach.

Starting from this time, the final table of large-scale events will introduce RFID tables (distribution system), and by distributing the game in real time, we plan to pass the attraction of the event to more people.

In addition, new poker cards and chips will be used in this competition, and the interior of the venue will also be arranged in accordance with ASPT specifications.

Starting with poker players from Japan, Taiwan, Asia, and participants from around the world, the battle will begin this September.

With the player first philosophy, ASPT ensures that all participants can enjoy the fun of the competition. The final table of the main event will introduce an RFID table (live broadcast system) to provide real-time game reports and share the excitement of the game with a wider audience.

In addition, for this event, ASPT also updated the playing cards and poker chips, and carefully designed the venue to reflect the theme of ASPT. For the players, this will be an unforgettable competition experience. Head-to-head battles between poker players from Taiwan, Japan, and across Asia, as well as participants from around the world, will begin this September.

In order to participate in the second game, players need to register on the ASPT official website.

To participate in the second ASPT, players need to register through the ASPT official website.

【Schedule (Dates)】

September 1 (Gold) ~ September 10 (Sun), 2023
September 1, 2023 (Friday) – September 10, 2023 (Sunday)


Asia Poker Arena (Taiwan)

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Federation Asia Series Poker Tour

CTP Club

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*Event content may be canceled or changed due to various circumstances.

※Event details may be canceled or changed due to various circumstances.

▼Jaysol (organizer)

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Sammy Corporation Signs Professional Poker Player and YouTuber

In 2014, he reached the final table in his first WSOP event and finished 8th.

YouTuber and professional poker player signed by Sammy Corporation.

Made his WSOP debut in 2014 and reached the final table in 8th place.




▼Kenichi Yagura (CEO)

CEO of the series.

The highest authority in this series.

▼Naoya Kihara【Executive Director】

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A professional poker player who graduated from the University of Tokyo and ranks third on the all-time money list in Japan.

The first WSOP bracelet holder in Japan and the first Japanese to sign with Poker Stars (online poker), he is a pioneer in the Japanese poker scene.

Professional poker player, graduated from the University of Tokyo, ranked third on the all-time money list in Japan.

First Japanese player to win a WSOP bracelet and sign with PokerStars (online poker), a first in Japanese poker.


▼Iori Yogo (event designer)

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Professional poker player living in Manila who has won numerous tournaments.

A poker explainer video called “Iori Juku” is very popular.

A professional poker player from Manila with a lot of tournament winnings.

Known for his popular poker commentary video called “Iori Juku”.


YouTube (Yagogami):

▼Poker Brothers Co., Ltd.

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In this competition, we put more emphasis on “player first” than the first competition.

In order to ensure that all participants can enjoy the event with peace of mind, we aim to create a comfortable venue space, and formulate the admission fee and schedule of the event, and consider from multiple perspectives to further increase the participation of the event. Event works, here we come.

Over the next five years, starting in 2023, our goal is to host a series of “world’s number one tournaments comparable to the WSOP” in Asia. We look forward to your participation. We look forward to your presence at the venue together with a management team of top Japanese professionals.

Compared with the first event, ASPT is committed to further emphasizing the concept of “player first” in this competition. With this in mind, ASPT has worked hard to create a comfortable atmosphere in the venue, and has carefully considered every aspect of the entry fee, event schedule, etc. to ensure that all participants can enjoy the event. The goal is to enhance event management and provide a more fulfilling experience.

The ASPT is committed to hosting a series of tournaments in Asia over the next five years to rival the WSOP and become the best in the world. Along with the top pros who lead the organization, we sincerely hope to meet you at the venue.

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