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Southeast Asia is Myanmar. A punk band that has been active since 2007 in northwestern Thailand, bordering China and Bangladesh.rebellion riot.In this article, they and their central figuressenseI would like to introduce about

What is Burmese punk band “Rebel Riot”?

A Burmese band with a “Mohawk hairstyle” and a “Studded Leather Jacket” in traditional punk chic.rebellion riot“.

At first glance, the appearance is punk fashion, and the song is also full of punk rock according to the impression. The musicality is reminiscent of hardcore punk and street punk, such as DISCHARGE and The Casualties.

Rebellion Riot – One Day

Rebel Riot’s music isn’t just about style, it’s about fury. Originally, punk rock itself is a kind of music that expresses “anger”, which is rare in the world, but their anger is far from being democratized at this time.military governmentalso for

* A military coup will break out in Myanmar in 2021, and the military government will continue to be in power thereafter.

The song “One Day” will be released in Japan on May 29, 2021 as a 3-song EP “One Day” containing the same song.12-song album “One Day”It will be available for purchase through various digital distribution services from early August 2021.

In a country that continues to be strongly oppressed and ruled by a military regime, it’s not hard to imagine how difficult it would be for a punk to speak out for the restoration of freedom and equality. In fact, they seem to have to overcome many obstacles unimaginable in Japan, such as avoiding strict surveillance when producing sound sources and publishing publications.

Roots of the Rebellion

central figure in rebellionsenseMr Cho (pronounced Cho Cho or Cho Cho) said his first exposure to punk rock came on a DVD he bought when he was 17

. After that, I saw and heard punk bands from all over the world online and was influenced by their music, clothing and attitude.

※Rebel Riot: Punk soundtrack to anti-coup protests in Myanmar | Protest News | Al Jazeera

Rebel Riot was formed in 2007, when anti-government demonstrations in Myanmar were very active. Since then, we have continued to campaign for better democracy in Myanmar’s unstable political system.

Activities are not limited to bandsRebel Riot is the former capital of MyanmarYangonA group of organizers to promote and support the underground music scenedigital information technology

(Do It Together)” is also running. You can find out about their activities and related artist information on their Facebook page.

The Punk Rock Life of A_Youtta_Thila
The Punk Rock Life of A_Youtta_Thila

A song written by artist A Youtta Thila on the Rebel Riot YouTube channel.

In addition to being band artists, they seem to have a communal side centered around Jujue, participating in democratization demonstrations in Myanmar, feeding demonstrators and the homeless.For example, protest movements against war and poverty,food is not a bombWe also participate in the projectand provide free meals to the poor. also”

books are not bombs

]also participated in the event. This is an event that provides children with books collected through donations.

※Punk and fresh cooking create a resilient city: food is not a bomb

Rebellion Riot – Human values ​​are dead! ! !Rebellion Riot – Human values ​​are dead! ! !I’m not familiar with the “Food, Not the Bombs” movement, but the slogan “Food, Not the Bombs” is a band from the west coast.


This reminds me of the song title. I don’t know what Fifteen, Kyaw Kyaw has to do with the “Food Not Bombs” movement.

food is not a bomb

image 39
Kyaw Kyaw, the central character of Rebel Riot. He appears in videos and photos with a look that equates to 80’s hardcore punk, a real punk, logical in thought and action.

Center (Tack Jean Mohawk Green Scarf) Mr. Kyaw KyawImage via Rebel Riot – One Day MVFor example, in Myanmar, where Buddhism is the majority, there is conflict with the Islamic minority. Kyaw Kyaw himself is a devout Buddhist, but he also commented on the fact that some Buddhists in the country oppress Islam and hate each other.

Completely out of touch with peaceful Buddhist teachings’, he accused.As a close shot, Malaysia’s super famous Oi punk band,”


It also upholds the basic spirit of “be faithful to be a Muslim”. If punk and music are part of life, then religion and thought cannot be separated either. However, discrimination, oppression, violence or war are unnecessary.

ACAB – Where have all the Bootboys gone

ACAB – Where have all the Bootboys gone

seeing is believing

Rebel Riot’s events can be found on YouTube, including music videos, live footage and interviews, so check them out.

The words of Mr. Kyaw Kyaw that I learned while researching this band, “If you want to change the system, you have to do something, not just sing a song.” It resonated with me.

If you want to support their activities, you can purchase CDs, T-shirts, badges, etc. from BRONZE FIST RECORDS, which sells sound sources and merchandise in Japan.

(As Santaro expected)

— Peter Barakan (@pbarakan)

November 24, 2022
Rebel Riot X Cacerolazo – Bella Ciao Cover (Burmese Punk Version)
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Rebel Riot X Cacerolazo – Bella Ciao Cover (Burmese Punk Version)* “Bella Ciao” Cover MV


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