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Yesterday, May 2, the Chinese military used drones to fly around Taiwan, just six days after it used bomber drones to encircle the island for the first time on April 27, an exercise that quickly escalated from unprecedented to the “new normal”.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, a BZK-005 UAV of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force flew eastward from the coast of China, north across the center line of the Taiwan Strait, passing between Japan’s Yonaguni Island and the east coast of Taiwan. The drone then returned to China via the Bashi Channel south of Taiwan.

The flight direction of the BZK-005 is opposite to that of the TB-001 drone deployed by China on April 27, and the TB-001 drone circled Taiwan counterclockwise.

Zhang Yanting, former deputy commander of the Air Force of the Republic of China, said united daily The PLA’s use of drones to fly around Taiwan has become the norm, which will put more pressure on Taiwan’s air defenses.

It is often said that the People’s Liberation Army’s drone technology is quite proficient, and it has stayed in the eastern airspace for a long time. China is detecting various air defense signals and radar spectrum of our army. If the People’s Liberation Army has a more comprehensive understanding of these signals, it will be very detrimental to our side in the event of a war. Zhang Jun asked the Ministry of National Defense to respond as soon as possible and deploy drones to disrupt the PLA’s reconnaissance capabilities.

Japan’s defense ministry said it had scrambled a plane after a drone was spotted between Yonaguni island and Taiwan yesterday, Reuters reported.

The drone flight was one of 27 sorties monitored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense between 6:00 am yesterday and 6:00 am this morning. According to the Ministry of National Defense, a total of 13 sorties and seven ships crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait. The Ministry of Defense said it had deployed aircraft, ships and shore-based missile systems to monitor and respond.

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