The new “Alice in Wonderland” area at Keisei Rose Garden.The first self-propelled rides and candies appear in the spring event on April 21-Travel Observation

The new “Alice in Wonderland” area at Keisei Rose Garden.The first self-propelled rides and candies appear in the spring event on April 21-Travel Observation

Spring event “Knocking on Spring” held at Keisei Rose Garden

Keisei Rose Garden (755 Owada Shinden, Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture) will hold a spring event “Sound of Spring” from April 21 to June 11.

In addition to enjoying the largest rose garden in the Kanto region with 1,600 varieties and 10,000 roses in full bloom, a new area “Alice’s Forest” will be opened this year, and the first self-driving tour attraction “Alice’s Journey” will also debut.

In addition, during this period, we will be selling a collaboration menu inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” and a new variety of rose “Koi Kogare” released last fall.

Keisei Rose Garden “Knocks on Spring”

Holding period: From April 21st to June 11th, 2023
Business hours: 9:00-18:00 (final admission at 17:30)
Entrance fee: Adults 1,500 yen / People with disabilities 1,200 yen / Junior high school students and younger are free
Advance Tickets: Adults 1,400 yen (sales period is as follows)
(April 8-20) Keisei Rose Garden Garden Center Rose Shop
(April 20-June 11) Smartphones (EPARK, Asoview!, Rakuten Ticket, JTB, Jalan)
【April 20~June 10】Convenience store

New area “Alice Forest”

The fourth area “Alice’s Forest” following the formal garden, natural garden, and large greenhouse will make its debut. In the self-propelled attraction “Alice’s Journey”, you can enjoy the world view of “Alice in Wonderland” with an original story.

Holding period: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during Golden Week from April 21 to June 11 and May 3 to 5
Travel time: 11:00-15:30
boarding pass: 1,200 yen per person (received at the special cafe counter in front of the large greenhouse on the day)


The first “Alice in Wonderland”-themed self-propelled ride

“Alice in Wonderland” collaboration menu

The “Cafe Patio” in the park sells “White Rabbit Rose Jelly” (700 yen), which depicts a scene where a white rabbit suddenly appears in the rose garden. Rose and vanilla soft serve ice cream is topped with chocolate bunny ears, and the cone uses black crispy corn to bring out the spring roses.


White Rabbit Rose Mix Soft

In addition, in the authentic Italian gelato kitchen car “Dalciano”, Francoise and pear sorbet’s “Red White Rose Ice Cream~Let’s paint the rose red~” focuses on the scene where the ace soldier paints the white rose red while singing. 1000 yen) was sold.

Also on the Darciano menu, Strawberry Milk and Yoghurt Blueberry “Cat Gelato” (600 yen) is themed around the Cheshire cat, which features a striped pattern.


Red and White Rose Ice Cream~ Let’s paint the rose red~


cat ice cream

New variety “Koikogare” bred in Keisei Rose Garden

The new variety “Koikogare” announced last fall is now on sale. Due to the rarity of the species, the number is limited. It can be purchased at garden centers that sell rose seedlings and gardening supplies, or online.

“Koi” can also be seen at the corner of the “Early Rose” that bloomed the earliest in the Kanto Rose Garden, and at the entrance of the new attraction “Alice’s Journey”.


New variety “Koikogare” bred in Keisei Rose Garden

Other highlights include the early-morning rose garden, which is accessible only for an admission fee, the flower-heavy fountains, and the Rose Arch, which only blooms in spring.

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