The National Museum of Singapore launches a new traveling exhibit featuring the iconic T2 skateboard and more


From 27 May 2023 to 19 November 2023, visitors can embark on a journey of discovery and self-reflection at the National Museum of Singapore’s brand new traveling exhibition. Open daily from 10am to 7pm (last entry at 6.30pm); admission to the exhibition is free for Singaporeans and permanent residents, and tickets are available for purchase from 22 May. All the must-see exhibitions are here!


The main exhibitions, located on the basement level of the museum, are organized into different “chapters”, reminiscent of tourist guidebooks. The chapters are organized around four thematic sections: Transportation, Accommodation, Dining, and Attractions and Shopping. Each section offers a unique perspective on Singapore’s tourism history, allowing visitors to explore different aspects that shaped the city’s identity.

Analog flip board

One of the main highlights is the iconic mock flip board, previously displayed at Changi Airport Terminal 2. It now sits alongside Singapore Airlines’ famous suite cabin seats on the A380.

Singapore Airlines A380 famous suite cabin seats

If you’re excited to see the iconic SIA’s iconic First Generation Suite cabin seats on their A380s, you’re in luck! This snapshot of the luxury passenger travel experience of a bygone era will take you back in time.

boarding pass use

You’ll be given a boarding pass at the start of the show, which you can use to get into the lounge area, where they take you back to the disco days of the 80’s!

Eating out!

For those nostalgic for older brands like A&W and Billy Bombers, another section called “Eating Out” offers a pleasant trip down memory lane.

Here you’ll find menus, photos and a variety of merchandise from these beloved restaurants. time flies!

what to expect

Throughout the year, the exhibition will also offer exciting pop-up experiences, including NMS’s own disco and other complementary programs designed to appeal to visitors of all ages.

Presenting Singapore’s tourism history through a series of engaging chapters, the “Aboard Now: Experience Singapore Through Travel, 1800s-2000s” exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about their country’s heritage and evolution.

Whether it’s to marvel at iconic artefacts, immerse yourself in a pop-up experience, or explore themed sections, we invite you to rediscover Singapore’s rich cultural history and perhaps take the opportunity to reflect on your place on this sunny island.

Entrance Fee: Free for Singapore Citizens

Address: 93 Stanford Road

Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm


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