The most interesting new museum in Lisbon

1. Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

aspire to be lisbonHot New Cultural Center, Much Anticipated Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) will consist of two parts – a brand new ultra-modern building and the Tejo Power Station, a fine example of 20th century Portuguese industrial architecture – both located in the Belém district, bordering the Tagus River.

Artist’s impression of the new MAAT building (Amanda Levete Architects)

Tejo Power Station, which opened to visitors last month, is currently displaying four exhibitions, while the new building is scheduled to open on October 5. The striking new building was designed by Stirling Prize-winning British architect Amanda Levete.

2. Currency Museum

What is the fascinating history of money and its relationship to society lisbonNew Currency Museum its about. The museum, which opened in the city center in April, uses a collection of coins and banknotes from the Bank of Portugal to provide visitors with an educational experience about the evolution of currencies in the country and around the world.

Coin inlaid mug (

Coin inlaid mug (

The interactive museum is housed in the former St. Julian’s Church, home to the only known archaeological remains lisbonThe 13th-century city walls, revealed during renovations.

3. National Museum of Ancient Art

this National Museum of Ancient Art (NMAA) opened a new floor this month dedicated to Portuguese art.Consisting of 16 rooms, displaying more than 240 paintings and sculptures (some of which have never been exhibited before), the two “jewels” on display are panel of st vincentfrom Portuguese artist Nuno Gonçalves, and Worship of the Magifrom Domingos Sequeira, recently acquired through an unprecedented fundraising campaign.

Panel of Saint Vincent (

St. Vincent’s Panel (

The NMAA is home to the country’s most important collection of Portuguese public art, from paintings and sculptures to gold and silver, as well as decorative arts from Europe, Africa and the Far East.

4. The Maritime Museum “Discovery Room”

After a complete renovation, Lisbon’s Maritime Museum One of the most popular rooms reopened in May.Upgraded interactive features, new “Discovery Room” retelling characters Portugal The Age of Discovery began in 1498 when explorer Vasco da Gama set out from Lisbon in search of a India.

Museum Gallery (

Museum Gallery (

Adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, the museum houses a sprawling collection of 17,000 objects celebrating Portugal’s special connection to the sea, from paintings and maps to model ships and two ceremonial barges.

5. Temporary exhibition on Lisbon’s relationship with fire

Although Lisbon’s catastrophic 1755 earthquake has been well documented, little is known about the city’s numerous fires throughout its history.This little-known fact is being explored in a new temporary exhibition National Carriage Museum. The exhibition runs until April 2017 and presents various samples of fire engines and equipment from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Exhibition poster (

Exhibition poster (

The museum’s recently opened extension won the prestigious CICA Architecture Award last year and houses one of the world’s largest collections of historic coaches of the Portuguese royal family and nobility.

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Main image: New MAAT building under construction (Amanda Levete Architects)

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