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Welcome to the 80th issue of my weekly airline newsletter! Airlines in the northern hemisphere switched to summer flight schedules on March 26, launching and reintroducing hundreds of new routes.i covered a very small selection Subjectively exciting lines, more on that next week. Why not sign up and receive my newsletter in your email inbox every week?

United to launch Newark-Dubai route

United have returned to Dubai despite a historic dispute with Emirates. It launched a daily 777-200ER operation between Newark and Dubai on March 25. The only US airline serving the Middle East country, it previously operated the Washington Dulles-Dubai route until January 2016.

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UA164 leaves Newark at 21:40 and arrives in the Middle East at 19:05 (+1). UA163 departs at 01:55 and returns at 08:45. It complements Emirates’ daily Dubai-Newark flight, which operates one-stop via Athens.

Photo: via United Airlines.

United arrives in Dubai at the same time (19:05) as North American Emirates, with about 02:00 departure Bank is a growth period for flights to the US. That’s crucial: Thanks to the new relationship between the two parties, United says passengers can connect from Newark via Dubai to more than 100 destinations served by Emirates and flydubai.

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Perth gets direct flight from Manila

Manila-Perth, which is 3,211 miles (5,167 kilometers) apart, has never been served before — until now. The airline, operated by Philippine Airlines’ A321neos, was buoyed by more than 60,000 passengers flying between the two cities in 2019.

It is a massive P2P market and is Perth’s second largest unserved market in the Far East after Phuket. Passengers can also connect to various cities in the Philippines and multiple destinations in Northeast Asia via Manila.

Philippine Airlines Manila to Perth

Photo: via Perth Airport.

Using a 168-seat, two-class A321neo, Philippine Airlines’ first flight took off on March 27. PR223 operates on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, departing Manila at 00:15 local time and arriving in Western Australia at 07:15 local time. PR224 left Perth at 08:30 and returned at 15:45.

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Norse Atlantic Launches Paris-New York Service

As the aviation seasons change, Norse Atlantic launches its next route: Paris Charles de Gaulle (a brand new airport in its network) to New York JFK. This is Norse’s fifth JFK service this summer and it operates daily, with the Rome-Fiumicino service to follow.

North Atlantic CDG-JFK

Photo: via Norse Atlantic.

In general, Norwegian, like Norwegian, targets large (“thick”) peer-to-peer markets, partly because it has very few feeds. However, it had an SLF of just 61% or lower in six of the nine months from June to February, compared with 50% in February.

Click here for Paris-New York flights.

Norse, about 3,635 miles (5,849 kilometers) away, is one of six operators (including JetBlue, which began operations in June) on the CDG-JFK this summer. Between them, they have as many as 12 flights per day. With CDG-Newark, there are up to 15 daily flights with 7 airlines. Up to 17 aircraft and 8 aircraft per day if Orly is included.

Departure: Vistara to Mauritius

Vistara began flying from Mumbai to Mauritius on March 26. The pair of 2,905-mile (4,675-kilometer) airports were announced in mid-February, with little time invested. Vistara is the first Indian airline to operate it in 17 years and Air India was the last to operate it in 2006.

The route uses a three-class 188-seat A321LR and operates five flights a week. It directly competes with Air Mauritius’ year-round, six-weekly A330neo service.

Vistara to Mauritius

Photo: via Vistara.

In 2019, approximately 119,000 commuters traveled between Mumbai and Mauritius. Before the pandemic, Mumbai was Mauritius’ largest market in Asia. The market seems to be mainly around Indian tourists to Mauritius and medical travel from Mauritius.

Click here for Mumbai-Mauritius flights.

Return: Long Haul from Connecticut

Hartford once again has direct flights to Europe. This is thanks to Aer Lingus, whose Dublin service restarted on March 26. It initially operated from 2016 to 2020.

EI131 operates daily using the 184-seat A321LR (note how common this type is now), leaving Ireland at 14:30 and arriving Connecticut at 16:35. Return, EI132 departs at 18:00 and returns at 05:15 (+1). This enables connections to and from a number of UK and continental European airports.

Aer Lingus Hartford returns

Photo: Bradley International Airport.

Over the past 15 years, Hartford has provided European service via Northwest (to Amsterdam, shipping partner KLM), Norwegian (Edinburgh) and Aer Lingus (Dublin). Curiously, London is not served, despite being Hartford’s largest European market.

Click here for Hartford-Dublin flights.

Ryanair celebrates 25 years in Pisa

Ryanair has served Pisa for 25 years as the main gateway to Tuscany. Well, it’s not a new route commemoration, but a huge milestone, I’ve flown it countless times and the photos are great.

Ryanair has more than 1.4 million seats for sale from Pisa this summer. This was the highest traffic ever recorded, making the airport the 28th most served airport on the network.

25 years of Ryanair Pizza

Photo: via Ryanair.

Ryanair has 66% of Pisa’s capacity this summer, including flights on both base and off-base aircraft. It has 54 Pisa routes covering 20 countries. With nine routes, it serves more destinations in Italy than anywhere else, followed by Spain (8), the UK (6) and Greece (6). London Stansted is its most served pizza route.

Click here for London-Pisa flights.

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