The Mediterranean Below Deck: Meet the Season 8 Cast

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Bravo Announces Season 8 of Below Deck Mediterranean The cast, which has both familiar faces and new actors.

Season 8 of Below Deck in the Mediterranean will take place in Genoa, Italy, led by Captain Sandy. Other crew members have also returned, such as Kyle Viljoen and Natalya Scudder.

Tumi Mhlongo and Luka Brunton of Below Deck Under also participated in the Mediterranean show.

Here’s everything we know about the season eight cast and when you can expect to see them on screen.

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Below Deck All Crew of Mediterranean Season 8

Thanks to Bravo, we have short bios for every crew member in Season 8 of Below Deck Med.

Sandy Yawn – Captain

Captain Sandy will lead journeys through Genoa and the Italian Riviera, but her favorite places to travel are the South of France and the Amalfi Coast.

Kyle Viljoen – Stew

Kyle, who appeared as a second stew in the last season of Med, has returned. He is from South Africa and can only identify the country’s animals by their sounds.

Natalia Scudder – Stew

Natalya started cooking stews at the young age of 18. Like Kyle, she also worked on the seventh season of “Made”. Her favorite places to travel include Costa Rica and Raja Ampat.

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Tumi Mhlongo – Chief Stew

Season 8 marks Tumi’s first time as chief stew and charter in the Mediterranean. She previously appeared in “Below Deck Down Under” as Chief Sailor Luka Brunton.

Luka Brunton – Chief Sailor

Audiences know Luca as Adam Cordra’s replacement in Season 2 of Subterranean Deck. Now, he has crossed into the Mediterranean region, serving as the show’s chief sailor.

Jack Ruby – Chef

Chef Jack Luby is new to the crew from Liverpool, UK. A chef with 14 years experience, he enjoys making travel vlogs for his YouTube channel.

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Jessica Asai – Stew

Jessika Asai, who is Hawaiian, is another crew member unfamiliar with the “Below Decks” series. She has worked in the yachting industry for four years and loves to do Pilates.

Ruan Irving – Bosun

After Bosun Ruan Irving’s Under Deck debut, another South African came aboard. With over 10 years of yachting experience, he enjoys “sailfishing, surfing, mountain biking and swimming”.

Lara Du Preez – sailor

good tv

Lara is the third South African on board and another new crew member. Her favorite travel destinations include Bonifacio, France and Bali.

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Haleigh Gorman – sailor

Haleigh Gorman to Star in Season 8 of 'Med Below Deck'good tv

Finally, viewers will also meet Haleigh Gorman for the first time in season 8 of the Med. She previously worked on small boats for 10 years and loves “hiking, scuba diving, fishing and yoga”.

Fans of “Below Deck” will have to wait until September 25 to see just how much drama these actors will bring.

Check out our coverage to stay updated on Below Deck and other popular reality TV shows.

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