The limited-time event dungeon “Summer Island” is live! There is also an event to win luxurious prizes at the same time!Norse Mythology Open World RPG “Odin: Rise of Valhalla” | Kakao Games Japan Co., Ltd. Press Release

Kakao Games Co., Ltd. announced on Thursday, July 20, 2023 that the limited-time event dungeon “Summer Isle” will be implemented in the Norse mythology open world RPG “Odin: Rise of Valhalla” (iOS/Android/PC) .
In addition, with the launch of “Summer Island”, “Valhalla: Summer Party 1st” will be held from July 20th (Thursday), and luxurious prizes will be won through lottery.

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After maintenance on Thursday, July 20th, the limited-time event dungeon “Summer Island” will be launched. “Summer Island” is a limited-time dungeon where you can get more gold than fields and other dungeons.

▼ During the event dungeon period
・From July 20 (Thursday), 2023 after maintenance to August 17 (Thursday) 04:00

▼ How to enter “Summer Island”

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・The event dungeon can be entered through the menu “Dungeon” >> “Elite Dungeon” in the upper right corner of the game screen.

▼ “Summer Island” details
・”Summer Island” is divided into 4 stages (steps), and the entry level and recommended combat power of each stage are different.
・Step 1: Entry Level: Level 25 / Recommended Power: 8,000
・Step 2: Entry Level: Level 48 / Recommended Power: 15,000
・Step 3: Entry Level: Level 58 / Recommended Power: 21,000
・Step 4: Entry Level: Level 68 / Recommended Power: 26,800
・Main rewards for each step: Summer Party Magic Book, Magic Book Box II, Food Basket II

*”Summer Island” can be played for 1 hour per day, and the admission time is reset to 4:00 every day.
*After clearing the Midgard main mission “Chapter Twelve: Snake Island”, unlock the elite copy to enter “Summer Island”.

▼ Click here for update details

Let’s enjoy the limited-time event dungeon “Summer Island” prepared for this season in the midst of summer!

A new in-game event will take place after maintenance on Thursday, July 20th. Check out the overview of each event and get great rewards!

■ “Summer Party! 7th Login” event
– Event details: Get rewards according to the number of days logged in during the event
・Event period: From July 20, 2023 (Thursday) after maintenance to August 17, 2023 (Thursday) 04:00

▼ Click here for event details

■ “Summer Party!” Event
・Event Details: Obtain the “Summer Party Magic Book” in the event dungeon “Summer Island”
・Event period: From July 20, 2023 (Thursday) after maintenance to August 17, 2023 (Thursday) 04:00
* Collecting “Summer Party Magic Book” can be exchanged for “Water Gun”, and “Water Gun” can be registered in the Swimsuit Avatar (Appearance) Obtaining Coupon or Event Collection Catalogue.

▼ Click here for event details

■ Limited-time “Hot Time” event
– Event details: Increase gold coin/item acquisition rate during the event
・Event period: July 20 (Thursday), 2023 after maintenance to July 26 (Wednesday) 23:59

▼ Click here for event details

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To commemorate the implementation of the limited-time event dungeon “Summer Island” after the maintenance on Thursday, July 20th, we will hold the “Valhalla: Summer Party Phase 1” event to win luxurious prizes!
A luxurious campaign to present a “JTB travel gift worth 100,000 yen” to one person through a lottery! Please join the event and enjoy a wonderful holiday this summer! In addition to JTB travel gifts, you can also win gift codes for each store through lottery, so don’t miss out!

■ During the event
・July 20 (Thursday), 2023 After Twitter event posting ~ August 2 (Wednesday) 23:59

■How to participate
① Follow the official Twitter of “Odin: Rise of the Hall of Valor”
② Repost corresponding event posts
* Increase your chances of winning by tweeting a screenshot of your in-game attraction with the hashtag #Valhalla 100 Views!
*We will contact the winners individually.

■ Product Details

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・”JTB Travel Gift” worth 100,000 yen x 1 person
・”Google Play Card” or “Apple Gift Card” worth 5,000 yen x 10 people
* We plan to send the actual “JTB Travel Gift” by post, so we will contact the winners individually.
*We plan to send the gift code of your choice to the winner of the “Google Play Card” or “Apple Gift Card” after contacting them individually.

▼ The official Twitter of “Odin: Rise of Valhalla” is here

A cross-platform open world role-playing game based on Norse mythology. It will be a cross-platform game that can be played not only on smartphones but also on PCs, with gorgeous high-quality graphics that look like live action. Players can run freely on the magnificent continents that appear in Norse mythology such as Midgard and Jotunheim, swim in lakes, climb cliffs, fly in the sky, and more.

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This work will be released in South Korea in 2021. It has ranked first in the sales (sales) rankings of the two stores (App Store / Google Play) for more than 3 consecutive months, and won the Korean Game Awards in the same year. In addition, on the day of its release the following year, it ranked first in the sales rankings of the App Store in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and won the Google Play Game Application Excellence Award in the same year, and became popular all over the world.

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Game Name: Odin: Rise of Valhalla
Genre: Norse Mythology Open World RPG
Platform: Cross-platform (iOS/Android/PC)
Supported devices: iOS 12.0 or later, Android 11.0 or later
PC: Intel i5 3.0Ghz or above / 8GB RAM / GeForce GTX 10XX or above
Official service date: June 15, 2023
Price: Basic play is free (some items are charged)
Official website:https://jp-odin.kakaogames.com
Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/Odin_JP
Official YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/@odin_jp
Official Discord:https://discord.gg/BQpwuFFYyn
Copyright: © Kakao Games Corp. and LIONHEART STUDIO. all rights reserved.

“Publishing House”

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Kakao Games Inc. (https://www.kakaogamescorp.com)
As a global cross-platform game company, in South Korea, including blockbuster works “Uma Niang Pretty Derby”, “Princess Link! We offer services like Re:Dive and PUBG. In Japan, we launched the adventure MMORPG “Moonlight Sculptor” casually, and this time starting with “Odin: Rising of Valhalla”, we plan to provide even better games.


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Lionheart Studios Inc. (https://lionhearts.co.kr)
Lionheart Studio is a development company established in 2018 by Kim Jae-young, the creator of the action role-playing game Blade and one of the leading developers in the Korean game industry. The MMORPG “Odin: Rise of Valhalla” (Odin) released in June 2021 has ranked first in Google Play’s sales chart for 17 consecutive weeks, and won four game-related awards including the Korean Game Awards in the same year. In the three years since its establishment, it has grown to a level comparable to well-known development companies. Currently, while preparing for Odin’s global service, we have also started the development of the next work, and as a comprehensive development company, we will go one step further.

■ Media inquiries
Kakao Games Japan Co., Ltd.games_jp@kakaocorp.com

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