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The Korea Travel Expo is back this May with all your Hallyu needs covered!

The Korea Travel Expo is back this May with all your Hallyu needs covered!

like hallyu and South Korea?Well, you’re in luck, because the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) will be Our Tampines Hub. this Korea Travel Fair will be from May 12-14 And collect tons of travel deals, destinations and products under one roof.

famous korean actor Lee Do Hyun Will be appearing at the KTO show on 13th May to meet his Singaporean fans and share his travel experiences. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this unmissable event!

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What are the highlights and activities of the Korea Travel Fair?

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Korea Travel Expo is a one-stop shop for all your travel and Hallyu needs. You can connect with regional tourism organizations and explore various destinations in Korea. South Korea Apart from Seoul. Tourism agencies from JiZhou, Gwangju, busan, Gangwon-doand other areas will satisfy your curiosity about lesser-known gems outside the capital.

Travel agencies like Chan Brothers, ASA Holidays and EU Holidays will also be there to show you their incredible Korean packages. Overall, there will be over 55 exhibitors in attendance.

Of course, the show caters to Hallyu fans who want to learn more about Korean culture.Visitors can take part in K-food cooking classes, where they will learn how to prepare classic Korean dishes such as bibimbap (mixed rice) and sundu bujige (soft tofu stew). For beauty lovers, here’s a K-beauty workshop that will teach you how to recreate the cutest Korean idol looks.

Finally, KTO Expo has in-store screenings of Korean films and non-verbal art performances titled: painter. This mesmerizing performance blends drawing, dance, comedy and visual effects to create an experience sure to impress any art fan.

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How can I participate in the exhibition?


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Free admission! The Korea Travel Fair is open to the public, and you do not need to purchase tickets to enter. However, K-food cooking classes and K-beauty workshops are limited. If you want to participate in these activities, you need to book in advance.just browse KTO Official Facebook Page Find the registration link for the desired event.

Who are the Hallyu stars who appeared at the show?

Lee Do Hyun is an actor you might recognize from the dark fantasy series Moon Hotel or Netflix’s revenge thriller, glory. He debuted in the 2017 series prison scriptAnd was nominated for “Person of the Year” for his supporting role at the 2018 SBS Drama Awards still 17 years old.

He will be at the Korea Travel Expo on Saturday, May 13. Fans can look forward to hearing about his travels around Korea for the drama. A lucky few could win Lee’s autograph on the travel talk show.

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If you want to explore the land of morning calm but don’t know where to start, head to the Korea Travel Fair this May. The expertise of the exhibitors at the show will point you to your dream trip to Korea.Check Travel Fair Schedule View all exhibitors and events on offer. With it, mark this event on your calendar and see you there!

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