The key has a Mickey Mouse face on it! Able Launches Exclusive Design Key Swap Service for Rental Properties – Travel Watch


ABLE starts key exchange service with “Mickey Design Key” for rental properties

ABLE has begun offering exclusive “Mickey Design Keys” key exchanges for ABLE rental properties, which feature Mickey Mouse’s face on the head.

This is an original product realized through a promotional licensing agreement between The Walt Disney Japan Company and ABLE, the first real estate rental brokerage business in Japan.

A person who signs a contract for a new construction object (management object) at ABLE’s directly managed stores (excluding some stores), and uses the Mickey Design Key key exchange service (charged) to carry out construction. Details are on the dedicated website.


Made with the wish “A story full of happiness awaits your new life”.


Construction according to the shape of the contracted room door


opnus memories


Dimple key made by WEST


Samples are placed in sales target stores


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