The joy of driving in Hokkaido, Japan

Hundreds of years Hokkaido (or formerly known as Ezochi) is almost completely independent from mainland Japan – inhabited only by the indigenous Ainu people, who have a completely different language and rich culture from the Japanese.

Today, Hokkaido is the second largest and northernmost of Japan’s four major islands, but it still feels very different from the other three, and remains off the beaten track even for most Japanese. Amazing hot springs in the middle of nowhere, long coastal roads, impressive mountains, fields of flowers, rolling hills more reminiscent of Europe than the Far East – It also just begs to be driven.

Driving in Hokkaido

While generally speaking, the best way to get around Japan is by using the excellent public transportation system, which includes buses, subways, trains and high-speed rail; Hokkaido is different.You’ll do better with sparse population and little public transport Rent a car so you can explore Rely on your own strength and reach beautiful remote areas that trains can’t reach.

Plus, the sparsely populated plains of Hokkaido make driving a breeze!

some excellent destinations Consider adding to your driving itinerary Hokkaido yes sapporoRegional capital – known for its delicious beer and butter ramen; Hakodate Known for its nighttime panoramas; Toya Onsen In the shadow of the still-smoking Showa-Shinzan volcano; and goodbye Its “patchwork road” is surrounded by flowers.

However, our favorite driving destination in Hokkaido is the island’s far east. This area is so rugged and remote that it doesn’t even feel like Japan – except for the odd, reassuring roadside vending machines that remind you that you’re still part of civilization!

what you need to know About driving in Hokkaido

To rent a car in Japan, you need to have International driver’s license and ASA full driver’s license from your home country. The process for obtaining an international license varies from country to country, so it is advisable to check online before applying, but in the UK you can get it from the post office for a small fee by showing a full driver’s license.

If you have the necessary documents, renting a car at the airport or in a big city like Sapporo (where you’re most likely to arrive) should be relatively painless, as most rental companies will be able to provide documents in English, even if their employees are unable to speak it themselves.

Finally, it’s worth noting that while Hokkaido is indeed a fantastic winter destination and attracts a lot of tourists during the season – Not advisable to drive in winter Because heavy snow means that many roads will be closed. Come spring, summer or fall, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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