The first World Championship Grand Prix in four years is decided! (Nippon no Treasure World Championship 2023 results announced) | Nippon no Treasure press release


Nippon no Treasure Co., Ltd. (located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takuya Hane) will receive full support from Singapore’s “1-GROUP” (restaurant management) from August 23rd to 24th, and will open in Sentosa Island. In “Sol & Ora @ 1-Altitude Coast”“Singapore Undiscovered Gems World Championships 2023”Has been held.

In the World Series, only the nation’s top operators who have won in the National Competition, which is played by the top winners of regional competitions held throughout Japan, can participate. This time, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the “Japan National Treasure World Championships 2023” was held again after four years. A total of 19 groups and 26 companies achieved excellent results in the 2019-2019 National Championships. In 2022 there will be five classes vying for Grand Prix positions.

Highly appraised by restaurateurs, chefs, investors, entrepreneurs and influential judges mainly in Singapore, business negotiations in Singapore, Thailand and the Middle East are progressing.

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・Prefectures participating in the 2023 World Championships

Iwate, Gunma, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Niigata, Nara, Shiga, Yamaguchi, Kochi, Nagasaki, Saga

・All 22 divisions holding regional competitions from 2019 to 2022
Aomori, Iwate, Yamagata, Ibaraki, Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Niigata, Shizuoka, Nara, Shiga, Hyogo, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Kochi, Saga, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Okinawa+ Online regional competitions.

■ Award-winning products of the 2023 Japan World Congress

– <開拓者部門|挑戰進化部門>

Championship (Grand Prix)

“Tenkei Sashimi of Yamabalone Numa” in Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture (Kotamaya Co., Ltd./Ushigi Mushroom Farm Co., Ltd.)

6-inch size, 3 times more delicious!Niigata specialty shiitake sashimi

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Runner-up (Half Grand Prix)

Saga “Dense and sweet fruit tomato, a gift from the sun” (Agrish, an agricultural production company)

Judges’ Special Award

Nara “Yamato Aroma Experience Seven Flavors Handmade Kit” (Yuzuki/Kobo Kien/Sanchu)

Best Health Award (Special Award)

Shiga Rice Dashi Ⓡ (Wakuwaku Co., Ltd.)

● <日本Plus部門|日本與海外融合部門>

Championship (Grand Prix)

Shizuoka “Bodhi Tea Bodhi” (Bodhi Tea and Culture)

Patented lactic acid fermented tea creates a new era of non-alcoholic beverages

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Runner-up (Half Grand Prix)

Kochi/Kyoto “Cacao that changed the world” (Candy Co., Ltd. / Lotte Co., Ltd.)

Judges’ Special Award

Nara “Aba Kaki Ice Cream / Warm Heart” (Horiuchi Orchard Co., Ltd. / Gelateria Nonna)

Delicious Delicious Award (Special Award)

Tokyo “AmiAmi Sweets Fried Spring Rolls” (Ikebukuro Saigon Restaurant (Vina Corporation))

​●<Transformation Department|Industrial Transformation Department>​

Championship (Grand Prix)

Kochi Prefecture “Mokudori” (Mokudori)

Lots of umami! “Toribushi” is smoked ground chicken seasoned with the best sun-dried salt in Japan.

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Runner-up (Half Grand Prix)

Yamaguchi “Tofu” (Tofu Co., Ltd.)

Best Inspiration Award

Kochi “Glocal Baum” (Kochi Commercial High School / Seiseikan Co., Ltd.)

Best Magic Award

Shiga “Katsuma & 50mm Gift Set” (Vantec Co., Ltd.)

●<Premium Wagyu Division|Japan・Top Peak Beef Division>​

Championship (Grand Prix)

“Iwate Shorthorn Wagyu Cecina” from Iwate Prefecture (Meat Wind Gold Co., Ltd.)

Uncured beef ham, only cured with salt for more than one year, without using any additives.

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Runner-up (Half Grand Prix)

Shiga Prefecture “Daikichi Omi Beef (Roast Beef)” (Daikichi Store)

Judges’ Special Award

Nagasaki “Seieg Olive Ogawa Beef” (Ogawa Livestock)

●<Sweet Endings Division|Japan・Latest Dessert Division>

Championship (Grand Prix)

Kochi “Nishizan Kintoki Sweet Potato Roll” (Candy Co., Ltd. / Muroto Geopark Promotion Council Secretariat)

Using the high-quality golden yam grown on the Nishiyama Plateau, a new sweet potato is made from the sweet potato itself.

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Runner-up (Half Grand Prix)

・Niigata “Fleming Ice Cream” (Fleming)

・Gunma “Japanese sweets Haate of soil and water” (Kitagami Kurobo Co., Ltd. / Yukihodaka Co., Ltd.)

Judges’ Special Award

Kanagawa “GELATO 7” (GELATO 808 (Link Ball Co., Ltd.))

■ Judges * Honorific words omitted, ranking in no particular order (2 days in total)
Puay Seng Kang: CEO of Gong Cha (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Chen Yuezheng: Executive Director of Tan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd
Cash Fong: Executive Chef of Tung Lok Group Japanese Cuisine
Christopher Leow: Founder, Freestyle Farmer
Guo Guanghong: CEO of FiNANCiE
Koki Yasuda: CEO of Sushi Entrepreneur Group and Sushi Chef
Veronica Heck: Influencer
Dharni: beatboxer, international champion
Ittichai Benjathanasombat: Japanese Food Lovers
Li Hailiang: Co-founder of Vivita Singapore Limited
Lamley Chua: Executive Chef, 1-Group, Head of Asian Culinary Development, 1-Arden
Jaymee Tan: Executive Director, Singapore Restaurant Association
Atsushi Taira: Chairman of The Edgeof, Pte. Ltd.

Fenton Foo: Chief Executive Officer, RE&S Holdings

Kazuki Sakamoto: Head of Sagri Co., Ltd Singapore Office

Guan Jing II: CEO of AT 20 (Japanese Restaurant)
Gilbert Oh: Member of the Singapore Executive Committee

■ What is Japan’s treasure “World Championship”?
From 2016 to 2019, we will hold the “Japan World Treasures Exhibition” in cooperation with the Singapore hotel “Singapore Shangri-La” (Sentosa Island). International chefs at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore teamed up with Japanese award-winning business owners to host a grand prix competition. The top award-winning companies received extensive media coverage and experienced significant sales growth. In 2023, in addition to the same grand prix as in the past, we will also introduce unique businesses and tourist attractions in Japan, and promote Japanese fun that is unknown throughout Japan to overseas.

*Photos are for events held in 2019.

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■Singapore partner company “1-GROUP”
As a partner company in Singapore, “1-GROUP”, which operates restaurants and clubs in various places in Singapore, will fully cooperate with this event. The venue is 1-GROUP’s restaurant “Sol & Ora @ 1-Altitude Coast” in Sentosa Island. After the competition, from October onwards, the excellent ingredients selected at the venue will be adopted by 1-GROUP’s restaurants as new menus.

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■What is the “Treasures of Japan” project?
There are so many good things all over Japan that can be called “Treasures of Japan”. However, there are many cases where traditional methods cannot be sold and companies go bankrupt. In 2009, in order to save these enterprises and realize their inherent great potential, we have been cooperating with local governments and local financial institutions to build a national network to develop products and support sales. We dare to gather human resources from different industries (primary industry to tertiary industry), hold seminars with keywords of “active learning” and “collaboration”, and constantly refresh our products.
After the results are announced, the products will be selected in the Regional Competition, National Competition and World Competition (Singapore). In the competition, the presidents of well-known companies, famous chefs, buyers of famous stores, Internet celebrities, etc. gathered together to judge whether the products are worthy of becoming Japanese national treasures from the two axes of quality evaluation and personality evaluation. The award-winning products immediately drove the sales of EC websites and well-known stores, and produced merchants whose sales increased by 100 times. The holding area is expanding nationwide.

*The photo is for the Japan Championship held in February 2023.

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Event name:Japan World Treasure Congress 2023

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Booklet of the day:

If it cannot be displayed normally, please access through the following ways

Date and Time/Content:August 23rd (Wed) and 24th (Wed) 2023

<考試>All 5 subjects

●Day 1: 2 groups
Trailblazer Division | Challenge Evolution Division

Japan plus branch

●Day 2: 3 partitions
Transformation Division|Industrial Transformation Division
Premium Wagyu Division|Japan・Top Peak Beef Division

Sweet Ends Division|Japan・Latest Dessert Division

Sponsor: Nippon Treasure Co., Ltd.
Contact (to Goda and Nakaya)

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■Company Profile

Product name: Nippon Treasure Co., Ltd.

Representative: Representative Director Takuya Hane

Location: 2nd Floor, Howa Building, 1-18-5 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Zip Code: 113-0033

Business: Regional revitalization, local government and corporate support, product development, sales support, event management, etc.

Official site:
EC official website:
Official Facebook:
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