The Excellence Award will receive the highest grade glamping accommodation voucher and a bonus of 50,000 yen! Rakuten Travel Award 2022 commemorates the holding of “GLAMPROOK Photo Contest” | Press release from Silverbacks Principal Co., Ltd.

“GLAMPROOK Shimanami” in Mashima, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

80690 24 daa7d7dfa9666a313d1e4de5f7e51014“GLAMPROOK Iizuna Kogen” in Iizuna Town, Nagano Prefecture

“GLAMPROOK Iizuna Kogen” operated by Iizuna Higashi Kogen Tourism Development Co., Ltd., a group company of Silverbacks Principal Co., Ltd., and “GLAMPROOK Shimanami” operated by MICASA Co., Ltd. will receive the “Rakuten Travel Award” 2022″ in Two facilities. I won an award.
<Rakuten Travel Award 2022>
GLAMPROOK Shimanami “Rakuten Travel Gold Award 2022”
GLAMPROOK Iizuma Kogen “Rakuten Travel Bronze Award 2022” Winners

  • Award commemorative “GLAMPROOK Photo Contest” held simultaneously in Iizuna Kogen and Shimanami!

The Seto Inland Sea unfolds in front of you, and GLAMPROOK Shimanami is only 5m from the window to the beach.The Seto Inland Sea unfolds in front of you, and GLAMPROOK Shimanami is only 5m from the window to the beach.

GLAMPROOK Iizuna Kogen has a double dome that separates the living room and bedroom in natureGLAMPROOK Iizuna Kogen has a double dome that separates the living room and bedroom in nature

GLAMPROOK provides high-quality services based on the concept of “luxury suites where you can experience nature with five senses”.
“Shimanami” where you can stay on a special island in the Seto Inland Sea, and “Iizuma Kogen” where you can spend time among the majestic mountains. This award is only possible because of the impressive nature that can only be found in that place.
In order to appreciate precious nature and preserve the best moments, we will hold the award-winning “GLAMPROOK Photo Contest” in cooperation with the camera subscription service “GOOPASS” at two facilities in Iizuma Kogen and Shimanami. at the same time.
Anyone is welcome, including GOOPASS members. Please submit your best moments.

  • GLAMPROOK×GOOPASS Rakuten Travel Award 2022 Commemorative Event
    “GLAMPROOK Shimanami Photo Contest” & “GLAMPROOK Iizuma Kogen Photo Contest”

(Overview of GLAMPROOK Photo Contest)
◆ Application period

March 18, 2023 (Saturday) ~ May 8, 2023 (Month)

◆ Recruitment theme
We are hiring for all 6 departments

Category 1. (Iizuna East Plateau Area) GLAMPROOK Iidetsuna Plateau Facilities and Surrounding Natural Landscape Category
Category 2. (Beixin District) Peripheral Tourist Attractions and Natural Scenery Category
Category 3. (GOOPASS members only) GOOPASS category

<GLAMPROOK Shimanami>

Category 4. (Malland Islands) GLAMPROOK Shimanami Facilities and Surrounding Natural Landscape Category
Category 5. 【Shimanami Kaido area】Sightseeing spots and natural landscapes
Category 6. (GOOPASS members only) GOOPASS category

◆ How to apply
Please post to Instagram using the designated hashtags for the photo contest below.

#GR Iizuna Photo Contest #Gran Luke #Glamping

<GLAMPROOK Shimanami>
#GR Shimanami Photo Contest #Gran Luke #Hotel

Please add the following specified hashtags to the above #tags and post

◆Application conditions
There is no limit to the number of entries and points. A person can claim any number of points.
There are no shooting device specifications (photos taken with a smartphone can also be applied)
Photos taken before the application period may also be submitted.
Anyone can apply, whether they live in GLAMPROOK or not.
*For other application requirements, application rules, and precautions, please refer to the official website of GLAMPROOK.

◆ Result Announcement

early june(schedule)
We will announce on the official website and official Instagram
Winners will be contacted via Instagram DM


  • The Excellence Award will be awarded to a one-night invitation to the highest class glamping site and a prize of 50,000 yen.


GLAMPROOK Shimanami JUNIOR SUITE (example)GLAMPROOK Shimanami JUNIOR SUITE (example)

[Excellence Award]6 people in total(We will award one of the following prizes in each category)
GLAMPROOK Iizuna Takahara Award
“Executive Suite 1 night invitation for a couple (equivalent to 150,000 yen)” and “Bonus 50,000 yen”
GLAMPROOK Shimanami Award
“COCOON HOUSE or JUNIOR SUITE 1-night invitation for a couple (equivalent to 150,000 yen)” and “50,000 yen bonus”

[Official Ambassador Award]2 people in total(One person from each facility will be chosen from among the 6 Merit Award recipients.)


Appointed as “GLAMPROOK Official Image Ambassador” for one year
Post your work inside the facility, on the official website, on official SNS, etc.
(Credit issued)
Consultation on shooting needs with new rewards


  • There is also a photo contest special accommodation plan!

COCOON HOUSE All rooms have sea viewCOCOON HOUSE All rooms have sea view

We have prepared a special program for those who can participate in the photo contest.
Please reserve the exclusive program through the reservation form on the official website.

“Empty Hands Photo”

<福利> Complimentary rental of a set of high-performance photography equipment at the facility
Hire high-spec filming equipment for free at GLAMPROOK. It is a plan that can be filmed with equipment. Anyone can apply at will because it comes with a “shooting guide”.

“GOOPASS Membership Program”

<優惠> The accommodation fee is 50% of the regular price
Register in advance to become a “GOOPASS member” and pick up the equipment at your door. The program allows you to bring your own equipment and stay overnight. In the case of photo contest entries, you can enjoy half the normal price. Already a member is also eligible.
*Please present your GOOPASS My Page upon check-in.

Unlimited rental of photographic equipment!Camera Subscription Service



GLAMPROOK Iizuma Kogen(Gran Luke Iizuna Kougen)

Phone 026-253-8188
〒389-1226 2755-1 Kawakami, Iizuna Town, Iizuna Town, Kamiminai District, Nagano Prefecture

Glamprook Shimanami(Gran Luke Island Waves)
Tel 0898-22-1101
799-2123 1006 Majima, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

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