The “Eat Travel®” EC site that quickly freezes “local delicacies” representing all over Japan and delivers them to your home with “true taste” has opened! |Tokyo Foods Co., Ltd. Press Release


“Come again” anytime at home. Based on this concept, we cooperate with officially certified regional brands all over the country to deliver authentic taste and people’s ideas. Platform website “Eat Travel®”.

It’s a service that brings the authentic flavors of the country’s favorite “local cuisine” to your home, while preserving them through craftsmanship and the latest flash freezing technology.

In commemoration of the opening of the site, we have prepared three types of “first-time limited/trial sets” with discounts of up to 700 yen and free shipping.


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3 carefully selected stores from Osaka, Hokkaido, and Shizuoka gathered together!

<Original Okonomiyaki/Tondama at Botejyu® in Osaka>
The authentic taste of the originator of okonomiyaki. The dashi, mayonnaise and sauce are all original. In particular, Botejyu®’s original mayonnaise, which is a creative way to put mayonnaise on top of okonomiyaki, is less sour, rich in flavor, and smooth in texture. You can enjoy the taste that has been handed down since its establishment 78 years ago.

Authentic taste from a butcher shop founded in 1962 (Showa 37). Carefully selected pork raised in the Tokachi area of ​​Hokkaido is aged at low temperature for a long time to bring out its umami and softness.

A representative of Shizuoka’s local gourmet who has won a gold medal in the “B-1 Grand Prix®” for two consecutive years and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Among the 12 special dishes, the most worth mentioning are the chewy steamed noodles, the umami-rich meat dregs, and the shavings sprinkled on top. The unique textures of the noodles and sauce, as well as the minced meat and shavings, all come together perfectly to create a one-of-a-kind chow mein with an addictive taste and texture.

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In addition to trial package A <靜岡富士宮炒麵天線店富士宮炒麵>Osaka Kappo and Oita fried chicken mecca Oita Nakatsu’s superb dishes!

<Tonkatsu rice bowl of Kappo Kappo “Yoshikin” in Osaka>
The 40-year-old Kappo chef has practiced in famous restaurants for many years and is deeply loved by the locals. He devotes all his skills to making this stewed pork chop rice bowl. Crispy and juicy schnitzel with well-prepared dashi and fluffy eggs that support Kansai culture in Japan. The crunchy texture that remains firm even after thawing is impressive.

Won the first overall championship of the “Fried Chicken Grand Prix” (sponsored by the Japan Fried Chicken Association), and won the highest gold medal in the salt sauce category 10 times in total. The secret sauce that does not use chemical seasoning is mainly salt, and various seasonings, ginger, and garlic are added. Garlic cultivated on commission does not retain its unique aroma, so you can enjoy it to your heart’s content. Carefully selected Kyushu chicken is used, which is juicy and springy.


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From Hokkaido in the north to Kochi in the south, we have prepared menus that men and women of all ages can enjoy!

<愛知“Original Ankake Spaghetti Yokoi”Original Ankake Spaghetti>

Founder Hiroshi Yokoi designs in hotels where he once trained. It is born by arranging ragout and demi-sauce. The unique sauce contains 90% vegetables and 10% meat, with black pepper being the determining factor for its delicate aroma and spiciness, creating a rich, spicy and full-bodied sauce. The 2.2mm extra-thick noodles are a perfect match, with a fluffy and elastic texture.

The ultimate pork bowl from a butcher founded in Showa 37 (Showa 37). Tokachi, Hokkaido carefully selects pork ribs that only butcher shops can directly operate. The umami and softness pursued by low-temperature long-term aging, and the excess fat is removed by grilling, leaving only the aroma and umami. pork bowl.

Born from a food stand in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture after the war, it won the Gold Award at the 4th B-1 Grand Prix® and is a long-loved gourmet. It features its special boiled noodles that are easily soaked in a special original sauce, along with a fried egg and Fukujin pickles. A fried egg is also included in the received product, and the boiled egg yolk is reproduced, so you can enjoy it with the egg yolk as if you were eating locally.

Parents and children with a lot of local love run the store. It has been in business for more than 50 years and has been deeply loved by people. Freshly caught skipjack is grilled with straws and vacuum packed for delivery to your home while maintaining its freshness. Putting it in the mouth, the aroma of straw roasted meat spreads in the mouth, which greatly increases the appetite. In order not to affect the umami taste of the ingredients, the secret special sauce is also made very light, which is a perfect match.

The secret fried noodles that have been handed down since the establishment in 1946 has been the main dish of Botejyu® since its establishment. The original cooked thick noodles are characterized by chewiness and chewiness, and the sauce penetrates well. Skilled chefs skillfully use many different types of original sauces to create flavors that no other brand can offer.

“Eat Travel®” Official Site▶https://eat-travel.jp/

Official Instagram: @eattravel_japan
▶︎ https://instagram.com/eattravel_japan

Official Twitter: @EatTravel_jp

Official YouTube: @eattravel_japan


  • About “Eat Travel®”

Using local ingredients from all over Japan and adopting the latest quick-freezing technology, authentic local delicacies tried and tested by each brand are delivered to your home.

“Eat Travel®” is Japan’s largest town revitalization event “B-1 Grand Prix®”, which aims to spread cheap and delicious local food that has been loved by locals for many years. Acquired “Ai B League (Local Food City Revitalization Group Liaison Committee)” operation.

Currently, there are 10 brands in the B-1 Grand Prix® that have won or won awards and have a taste to be proud of. A total of 25 brands were collected and we plan to expand to 100 brands in the future.

In addition, we have prepared a lineup of “Zetsu Meshi Bank®”, including local gourmets approved by local governments and local restaurants, original tastes, and extinct gourmets that we gave up because the store is no longer available.

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  • Quick-frozen completely reproduces the “true taste”

Using the most advanced freezing technology, each dish is carefully prepared by artisans and quickly frozen, condensing the “authentic” deliciousness from all over Japan.

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In addition, through video content, we will deliver the “authentic taste” as well as “the feeling of our local partners” as if traveling to various parts of Japan through gourmet food. We also designed a system that contributes to brand awareness and regional revitalization by purchasing and dining from the EC site, and creates a platform for the continuous prosperity of Japanese food culture.

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  • About Botejo Group

~ Japanese cuisine that will continue into the future. ~
the taste of passion

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Established in 1946, BOTEJYU® is an okonomiyaki specialty store with 126 stores worldwide (as of January 2023). Modern yaki and mayonnaise toppings originating from our company have become Japan’s proud “konamono culture”. Currently, we are not limited to teppanyaki such as okonomiyaki, but are also promoting Japanese dishes such as udon noodles, ramen, rice bowls, and local delicacies at home and abroad. We will continue to cherish the feelings and history of the region, and continue activities to spread Japanese food culture to people around the world.

Headquarters: 2-1-11 Kisarihigashi, Nishinari-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture (BOTEJYU Group Building 2F / 3F)
Representative: Hideto Kurita, President and Chief Executive Officer
HP: https://www.botejyu.co.jp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/botejyu.japan/

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