The Drum | How revenue can revive Singapore’s tourism industry

The Drum | How revenue can revive Singapore’s tourism industry

The travel insurance industry in Singapore is highly competitive with numerous players offering a wide range of products to meet the different needs of consumers. However, for travelers on short trips to nearby destinations, insurance options are limited. Fixed-term policies are not ideal for day trippers, and many cover risks that are not relevant to the traveler, driving up costs. To stand out from competitors, insurance providers need to be innovative and creative. That’s where Income, Singapore’s leading insurance provider, sees an opportunity.


Income aims to raise awareness of its new product, FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance, which allows travelers to purchase insurance by the hour while traveling to nearby destinations such as Batam, Bintan and Malaysia. Unlike traditional travel insurance, which offers fixed-term coverage, FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance offers greater flexibility and control over your insurance needs. The purpose is to make customers aware of this new concept and highlight the advantages of the product. The main key performance indicator (KPI) is product awareness, followed by app installs.


Income’s strategy is to spark new enthusiasm among Singaporeans for popular tourist destinations. While travel options are limited during the pandemic, locations such as Batam, Bintan and Johor Bahru (JB) offer opportunities for spontaneity and exploration. Revenue recognizes that, after multiple visits, travelers often reach the point of “been there, done that” and seek something new and exciting.

To put their strategy into practice, Income partnered with MediaCorp to relaunch an old favorite travel show, Same Same But Different. The show is off the air, but it captures the essence of exploring lesser-known locations and discovering unique events. The relaunched series, called Hidden Gems, features popular travel influencers and radio hosts Sonia Chew and Ze Liang. Sponsored by Income FlexiTravel, the series showcases exciting ways to experience Batam, Bintan and Johor Bahru, highlighting the hidden gems of each location. This content integration enables seamless product education, builds trust, credibility and generates buzz.

The series was amplified through MediaCorp-owned properties and supported by paid advertising to drive awareness and viewership. Income is also partnering with The Smart Local and Telegram’s SGTravelPromo group, a targeted platform for travel enthusiasts looking for value tips to drive awareness. Bus wraps and 6-page displays were strategically placed at key locations in Singapore to increase brand exposure. In addition, Income geolocated the Harbourfront ferry terminal to reach travelers as they begin their journey.

Income takes a full-funnel digital approach, leveraging display ads on platforms like Meta and Universal App Campaigns to drive bottom-funnel conversions. Partnering with InMobi and Google further enhances bottom-of-the-funnel conversions, completing the cycle from mass awareness to talkability, trustworthiness, value perception, and finally conversion.


The campaign successfully achieved its goals, generating significant results in terms of awareness, recognition and business impact. Income’s unique approach and compelling message differentiated the FlexiTravel product, increasing acceptance among its target audience.

The campaign reached 1.2 million Singaporeans and delivered 2.83 million complete video views, surpassing the benchmark. App installs exceeded expectations by 148%, indicating increased customer engagement and an expanded customer base. The campaign also achieved 146 percent of policy goals and 152 percent of revenue goals, demonstrating solid business results.

In conclusion, Income’s FlexiTravel campaign has been a huge success through its strategic approach, integrated campaign and innovative partnership with Same Same But Different. By informing the audience in a fun and engaging way, the campaign generated widespread interest, increased brand awareness and had a significant impact on the business.

The campaign won The Drum Asia Pacific Marketing Awards 2023. Find out more about The Drum’s global awards program, or head over to our Case Studies Center to read more award stories.

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