The Best Parts Of Vietnam Should Be Seen From The Water

Vietnam’s waterways are part of what makes it such a picturesque and fascinating destination, and you can visit it all on multiple boat trips.

Vietnam is the perfect combination of natural beauty and cultural diversity. The landscape varies from winding hillside roads to lush farms of all kinds.

Due to the country’s rich heritage and large minority groups, heritage lovers will find something to appreciate. The countryside is breathtaking, while the metropolitan area is buzzing, offering a variety of options to sample Vietnam’s delicious cuisine.

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One of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to visit Vietnam by boat is by boat. It has vast and beautiful inland and sea routes to explore by boat. Many sites were previously inaccessible unless traveling by boat. Boat tours are a popular attraction and a great opportunity to get a lifestyle on, within or near the shores of Vietnam’s many riverside or coastal communities. If tourists want to experience a quieter, softer, more traditional Vietnam, they should avoid the crazy streets altogether and explore the country by boat.

what to watch

Halong Bay

  • The limestone terrain of Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most fascinating marine attractions in the world.
  • Hundreds of limestone reefs have been eroded by air and rain into rugged peaks in this part of the Gulf of Tonkin.
  • This is a great floating country because of the stunning views of the bay from the boat.
  • Hang Sung Sot with three huge caves and Hang Dao Go with unusual stones and crystals are the two quarries within the harbour that tourists can visit.

Da Nang

  • Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam and a great place to visit.
  • Da Nang’s white-sand coastline and open water coastal province is a must for beach lovers. The area also offers a fantastic nightlife.
  • The Dragon Bridge is brightly lit at night, and the whole area looks spectacular from the many cocktail bars.

Mekong Delta

  • The rice bowl in Vietnam is a vast network of waterways, wetlands, islets and beautiful foliage.
  • Boats are the main means of transport for the locals.
  • Visitors can stay in charming riverside homestays, visit the busy town of Can Tho, ride horses through rice fields, and even explore the crocodile sanctuary!
  • Cai Rang is the largest floating market in the Mekong Delta. It’s weird, to say the least.
  • Hundreds of ships drifted past, sometimes bumping into each other and bartering. Hungry tourists may wish to try dining on board.

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  • Hang Son Doong Cavern in Vietnam is considered one of the largest caves in the world.
  • Quang Binh Everyday Excursion includes a boat trip to Phong Nha caves.
  • This boat ride will give visitors an idea of ​​the vast and wondrous experience that awaits them, as well as a glimpse into the magnificence of the spectacle.
  • The scenic area overlooks the river and the view is the perfect place to relax.
  • All this for an unforgettable visit to Phong Nha caves!

Con Dao Islands

  • The island is known for its imperial heritage, where the French built the archipelago’s most famous prison to house anti-colonial protesters on the central island.
  • Due to the inaccessibility of the island, mass tourists mostly avoid it.
  • For the same reason, the islands can also maintain their pristine surroundings and peaceful atmosphere.
  • In addition to top-notch diving on beautiful coral reefs and scenic beaches, there is a variety of wildlife to see, most notably the green sea turtle.

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type of boat

One of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to explore the region by boat is by boat. Here are some options to suit holiday preferences, from lavish dining to country activities.

rustic rowboat

  • The rowboat can be easily managed by one person and can accommodate up to six passengers.
  • The rowboat propels them forward with oars. These boats have long been used as fishing boats in Vietnam, fishing in lakes, rivers and even the sea.
  • Any small boat tour is a great way to experience the market for yourself as it is such a fun and exciting tour.
  • Ninh Binh is a great prelude to Halong Bay and learning the difference between the two is a fascinating experience.
  • In Ninh Binh, a boatman will lead visitors in his small sampan across Sugarloaf Mountain, exploring caves while looking out over miles of scenery.

dragon boat

  • The name “Dragon Boat” comes from its shape like a dragon, a historical symbol of Asian waters.
  • In Vietnam, dragon boats are used to transport royals on river or lake excursions.
  • A bright dragon boat will greet visitors upon arrival, gliding gently along the romantic Perfume River.
  • The best part of this trip was having a different perspective on Hue and getting along with the charming and compassionate Hue people.

junk style boat

  • A junk boat is a classic vessel known for its resilience and adaptability on long journeys.
  • Off the coast of Vietnam in Halong Bay, the classic red sailing sailboat can still be seen or boarded and is still a sight to behold.
  • Tokyo Bay is made up of several small islands gushing out of the emerald waters, forming the famous Halong Bay scenery.

cruise ship

  • A boat holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel through the heart of the region, offering kaleidoscopic and breathtaking views as visitors drift from charming hamlets to ancient settlements and natural attractions.
  • These ships are the only way to properly explore the Mekong Delta.

There is so much to see in the world that a trip to Vietnam can guarantee a vacation of a lifetime. If visitors are looking for cultural, historical and personal exploration with one of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes in the world, this is the place for you.

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