The 20 Most Positive Things Trump Has Done During His Presidency

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While many call Donald Trump the worst president in history, of course, not everything he does is all bad. The reddit poster listed all the positive things the Trump administration has done, so here are 20+ of the top rated and most important answers (not counting covfefe).

Making animal cruelty a federal felony

One of the most lauded decisions made by the Trump administration was to make animal cruelty a federal crime. On Reddit, it’s also one of the highest-voted comments on the post.

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US Marine Corps allowed to investigate human trafficking

As one Reddit user wrote, the former president “allowed US Marshals to assist in catching pedophile/trafficking victims. Arrests have increased dramatically since then.” decline.” However, many trials have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Paternity Leave for Federal Employees

One Reddit user added that, in addition to the 12 weeks of paternity leave offered to new fathers and mothers, “this applies to adoption as well, but I’m surprised how little is known about paid parental leave.”

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Sign Savannah’s bill into law

As one Reddit user explained, “The bill seeks to improve law enforcement’s response to crimes against Indigenous peoples.”

Transparency of hospital bills

While one Reddit user said that “the president can veto, they don’t ‘approve’ the law,” that was during the Trump administration, and many will remember the new law.

Sign the Right to Try Act

One Reddit user summed up the many achievements of the Trump era, explaining that it “gives hopeless cases the ability to circumvent FDA treatment regulations.” In short, he “pushed to allow dying patients to try experimental drugs.”

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tell kevin mcallister where to go

One of the funniest comments comes from one of the most famous movies, Home Alone. In the second part, Trump tells boys lost in New York to “go left down the hall.”

he has not invaded any country

While this may sound strange to those outside the US, it is a rare case of the US not being drawn into a new war. However, another Reddit user added: “Legal. Drone strikes have increased under Trump.”

Raise the minimum smoking age to 21

Trump rule restricts fruit and mint flavors in e-cigarette pods. The Reddit user also mentioned that he raised the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. “This will have long-term health benefits,” wrote one Reddit user.

ban box reform

The reform means ex-offenders don’t have to check a box on hiring applications that asks whether applicants have a criminal record.

Artemis Project

As one Reddit user explained, “The Trump administration launched Project Artemis, an actual, fully realized mission to land a man on the moon, resilient enough to survive a change of government, to Surviving a situation that is a death sentence for many manned programs.”

Protect 5G networks from foreign control

Trump’s campaign to build 5G networks using Western technology rather than Chinese technology is about ensuring that communications in democracies are protected from Chinese surveillance and even sabotage.

Approves the sale of heavy weapons to Taiwan

Trump is “the first president to seriously recognize Taiwan”. He also signed the Taiwan Travel Act. It allows senior US officials to visit Taiwan and vice versa.

Exposing Structural Flaws in the U.S. Political System

One commentator got a lot of praise for noting that Trump exposed flaws in the American political system. The poster added: “No matter which side you’re on, some things are too easy to exploit. We just hope you can use this to fix them somehow, but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

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Operating Twist Speed

As one Reddit user put it, one of Trump’s most important accomplishments was “accelerating the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.” Ironically, his followers are the group most opposed to any pandemic measures. “

Start Student Debt Negotiations

One Reddit user wrote that Trump “made it possible for people with permanent and total disabilities to have student loan debt forgiven.” It sparked more discussion about student debt and what the state can do to lessen the financial strain of education on individuals.

abraham agreement

It was the first in a series of joint normalization statements issued by Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. “Maybe it’s too early to tell if the impact is truly positive, but any concrete steps to advance Arab-Israeli peace and cooperation seem like a good thing to me,” wrote one Reddit user.

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economic strategy

Trump has made a big push for small business, and as one Reddit user pointed out, “his economic policies have shown signs of substantial growth even though the pandemic has brought them to a screeching halt.” Without the pandemic, Trump’s Efforts may have greater impact.

Sign law to clear US of harmful chemicals used in Vietnam

The 20 Most Positive Things Trump Has Done During His Presidency 9

One Reddit user wrote that Trump declassified millions of pages of “Vietnam-era and post-Vietnam military special operations.” Another added how Trump “signed into law making the US clean up the chemical waste left by US troops in Vietnam (long overdue)”.

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