The 14th Hot Spring Grand Prix (R) hosted by BIGLOBE was selected by everyone and cheered for the hot springs – Kusatsu Onsen and Beppu Onsen won the first place in the hot spring category. “Accessibility” and “recommended accommodation for remote work” newly announced~ | Press release


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The 14th Hot Spring Awards (right)

BIGLOBE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Takeshi Aizumi, hereinafter referred to as BIGLOBE) launched a travel comparison site and app “BIGLOBE Travel (https://travel.biglobe.ne.jp/ ) “From now on. In (Note 1), we will announce the results of the 14th Hot Spring Awards selected by everyone.
This project introduces popular hot spring resorts and accommodation facilities in East and West Japan based on user votes. In addition, we will publish our newly created hotel/hotel category satisfaction rankings “Accessibility” and “Recommended hotels/hotels for remote work.”

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In terms of hot spring area division, Higashi Yokozuna has been designated as Kusatsu Onsen (Gunma Prefecture) for 14 consecutive years, and Nishi Yokozuna has been designated as Beppu Onsen Village (Oita Prefecture) for 7 consecutive years. In the inn/hotel category, Kinugawa Onsen Asaya (Tochigi Prefecture) ranked No. 1 in the East for the second consecutive year, and Kobe Minato Onsen Ren (Hyogo Prefecture) in the West ranked first in Yokozuna for the second year in a row. a row.
Shiratama-no-Yu Kaho Kaho Bettei Koshinosato (Niigata Prefecture) ranked first in the newly established Ryokan/Hotel Category Satisfaction Ranking “Accessibility”. As the corona crisis continues, hot spring facilities where you can cherish time with your family are receiving favorable reviews. In addition, 30% of the people went to hot springs last year, but in this year’s survey, 0 times decreased to 3%, and the number of people who went 1-2 times increased to 49%. It’s clear he’s recovered.

■Hot Spring Ranking (Hot Spring Category)*On the result announcement page, the top 30 from both East and West are announced.

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■ Hot Springs Ranking[Hot Springs]

Beppu Onsen Village (Oita Prefecture) received reviews such as “The steam rising from the whole city is atmospheric” and “The proximity to the sea and mountains (location) is also great!”.
In addition, Kusatsu Onsen (Gunma Prefecture) said, “The quality of the hot springs is the best because they advocate the principle of hot spring quality!” “The Yubatake is lit up at night, creating a fantastic atmosphere.” “, and collected many others Comment.

■Hot Spring Ranking (Ryokan/Hotel Division)* Announced on the result announcement page, up to 30th in the East and West

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■ Hot Spring Ranking (Ryokan/Hotel Category)

In the inn/hotel category, Kinugawa Onsen Asaya (Kinugawa Onsen, Tochigi Prefecture) continued from last year, and Kobe Minato Onsen Ren (Kobe Port Onsen, Hyogo Prefecture) became the yokozuna in the west.
Kobe Minato Onsen Ren said: “The view from the room is beautiful, the hot spring is spacious and you can spend a relaxing time, the food is delicious, and the transportation is convenient. It is the best hotel!” The overall balance is good Various aspects. “

Hot Spring Ranking Ryokan/Hotel Category Satisfaction Ranking (Accessibility)

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Hot Spring Ranking Ryokan/Hotel Category Satisfaction Ranking (Accessibility)

The newly established “barrier-free” hot spring facility was voted because it was considered that many people can enjoy travel due to corona accidents.

■ Hot Spring Ranking 【Regional Ranking (No. 1)】
*Maximum 10th place in each region will be announced on the result announcement page

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■ Hot Spring Ranking 【Regional Ranking (No. 1)】

Zuiho Hotel (Akiu Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture) in the Tohoku region won the first place for the first time.

Hot spring ranking inn/hotel category (recommended inn/hotel for remote work) 7 selections

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Hot spring ranking inn/hotel category (recommended inn/remote work inn) 7 selections

In recent years, working holidays have received much attention as a new form of travel. In this Spa Awards, we also voted for recommended inns and hotels for telecommuting.
Vote for facilities with workspaces and facilities with spas and activities for relaxation.

[Choose together at the 14th Hot Spring Awards]
●Voting period
November 30, 2022 (water) 10:00 to February 13, 2023 (month) 15:00
●Voting content
We voted for the best onsen resorts, onsen inns, and satisfaction with the inns we’ve visited so far.
●Total number of valid tickets
10,229 votes
●Recognition department
・Hot Spring Ranking Hot Spring Area Division
・Hot Spring Ranking Ryokan/Hotel Category
・Hot spring ranking area ranking
・Hot Spring Ranking Satisfaction Ranking

BIGLOBE will promote “SDGs Action by BIGLOBE” and contribute to creating the future of human beings, society and the planet.

(Note 1)
This is a free website and app that allows you to compare accommodation plans at over 4.5 million domestic hotels and inns in Japan from 18 major accommodation booking sites, including Rakuten Travel and JTB.
●iPhone version
●Android(TM) version

(Note 2)
The 17 hot springs of Hakone Onsen and the 8 hot springs of Beppu Onsen are combined into one.
Last “The 13th Hot Spring Awards (R) Selected by Everyone”:

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