Thailand Travel Mart Plus (TTM+) 2023 Thailand Product Update


Highlight TAT’s strategic marketing initiatives, tailor-made travel experiences, and the direction of Thailand’s tourism industry towards high-value and sustainable development.

BANGKOK – At the Thailand product update for buyers and media attending the show Thailand Travel Mart (Schindler+) 2023this Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is emphasizing quality and experience-based tourism among the key elements of Thailand’s tourism products and services as part of its strategic initiative to transform Thailand’s tourism industry into high-value and sustainable tourism.

gentlemen. Chattan Kunjara Na AyudhyaTAT Vice President for Marketing Communications said “TAT is illustrating that Thailand offers meaningful travel to improve the visitor’s experience. Including discovery, transformation, fulfillment and encounters between people, culture and nature, which underscores the direction of TAT to become a leader in protecting the country’s vast natural and scenic beauty destinations, and launched a series of environmental protection initiatives.”

Key elements of tourism products and services that reflect TAT’s overall strategy include luxury travel experiences, wellness tourism and sustainable tourism.

Highlights of a luxury travel experience include “Enjoy Bangkok Life” and “Relax Phang Nga Youth Phuket”, while for wellness tourism, Wellness in Thailand might include a family-friendly wellness holiday in Chiang Mai; Koh Samui in Surat Thani and Boost your immunity for the holidays.

Sustainable tourism in Thailand includes a wide range of destinations and activities that offer sustainable experiences, including cycling in Bang Krachao, Samut Prakan province to explore the local community; Live; explore the Little Amazon and surf at Memories Beach in Takua Pa, Phang Nga.

TAT has also formulated the Sustainable Tourism Goals (STG) to cover the entire Thai tourism industry based on the 17 goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). New initiatives include the STAR (Sustainable Tourism Accelerated Rating) system to certify sustainable tourism businesses.

Meanwhile, TAT continues to develop new tourism ecosystems and enhance supply through initiatives such as the Thailand Tourism Awards, the “Up-Skill Re-Skill” human resource development program and the “CF Hotels” online platform, enabling hotel and lodging operators to manage their businesses sustainably .

gentlemen.chattan he said “Major marketing strategies include ‘Great Revival Episode 2′ targeting the short-haul market, focusing on the return of the Chinese market, growth in source markets and new market segments, seamless integration of the Amazing Thailand brand into tourists’ lives, responsible tourism , and expand into new markets. And for the long-haul market, TAT continues to work with strategic partners to increase air connectivity, expand the market, and target Thailand as a year-round destination.”

Thailand achieved milestones in 2022, receiving 11.15 million international tourists generating 589 billion baht in revenue and recording 189 million domestic trips generating 641 billion baht in revenue.

For 2023, the TAT hopes to see around 80 percent of tourism revenue generated in 2019, estimated at 2.38 trillion baht, of which 1.5 trillion baht will come from overseas markets and 880 billion baht from the domestic market.

This year, from January 1 to May 27, Thailand welcomed 10,378,457 international tourists, generating 428 billion baht in revenue. The top five tourism markets are Malaysia (1,606,373), China (1,098,604), Russia (734,995), South Korea (627,760) and India (583,319).

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