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“Ocean Marina Yacht Club Pattaya” where Thailand Tourism Trade Show “TTM+ 2019” is held

Last time, I introduced the surrounding areas of Pattaya and Rayong that I visited at the press conference hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and introduced the situation.

This is mainly a business meeting place for tourism, but since rare areas from all over Thailand are also gathered together, you can see what kind of tourism it is. This time, there is also a corner in the tent, which introduces handmade folk crafts from various places. This year’s theme is “New Hues for Emerging Destinations”, proposing new and attractive tourist destinations.


“TTM+ 2019” entrance


It is upholstered with indigo-dyed cloth.Hand dyeing available all over Thailand


The site is a tent built in the garden

Promote tourism beyond major cities by promoting Thailand’s provinces

At the opening media briefing, Mr. Tanes Petsuwan, Vice President of Marketing Communications, Tourism Authority of Thailand, took the stage.

Among them, we are currently selecting 55 attractive areas to promote tourism, and we aim to increase the number of foreign tourists and provide high-quality services in the future. He also talked about promoting “Additional”, “Brand New”, and “United”. For example, while sightseeing in Pattaya, they can stretch their legs and go to Chonburi, or Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung together as a new destination.

New areas that are gaining popularity include Chiang Rai, world famous for its Youth Cave Rescue; Sukhothai, which has been registered as a heritage site; cultural heritage, and Nong Khai province along the Mekong River. In addition, Trang, Mae Hong Son, and Lampang were also mentioned as hot spots in the future.


Mr. Taneth Phesswan, Vice President of Marketing Communications, Tourism Authority of Thailand


Inside the TTM+ tent.Long queues at business negotiation booths

“Enjoy Isan!” Director of East Asia Division, Tourism Authority of Thailand

During the exhibition, Mr. Titiporn Manenate, Director of the East Asia Department of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, held a press conference for Japan.

The Japanese want a very high-quality trip, they value experience, and they feel that new areas in Thailand are becoming more and more popular with the Japanese. “In the past, we mainly focused on the northern part of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, but now we are introducing the northeastern region called Isan, and the number of people going there for the first time is increasing. In particular, we want you to know the culture of Isan, such as Food and textiles. I think it’s becoming more common because it’s already being exhibited at Thai festivals in Japan.”

A big move in the future will be how to get people to visit cities outside of the big cities. Taking Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand (also near Pai, introduced above) as an example, he hopes that people can stay away from the well-known Chiang Mai in Japan and enjoy crafts and tea.

In addition, the direct flights from Japan are concentrated in the capital Bangkok, but they are discussing with all parties how to open up flights from Phuket and Chiang Mai in the future, and want to improve it.

Recommended areas are Khon Kaen and Udon Thani in Isaan in northeast Thailand, and Nam and Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand. The motorcycle race “MotoGP” will be held at “Chan International Circuit” in Buriram from October 4th to 6th, and motor fans must check it out.


Mr. Titiporn Manenate, Director of East Asia Division, Tourism Authority of Thailand


Group photo with Mr. Santi Sawangcharoen (left), Deputy Director of East Asia Department

Thai local folk crafts

Inside the stall tent, there is a corner to display and sell local Thai handicrafts. Simple things such as dyed goods, baskets and accessories are displayed. The perfect keepsake. If you visit the provinces of Thailand, be sure to check out these folk crafts.


A corner where handicrafts are displayed and sold

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