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Many Thai words originated from Chinese, not only relatively new words brought by immigrants, such as Kuidiao (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว) and Bami (บะหมี่), but also Old Chinese and Middle Chinese. Many words, such as (Middle Chinese), were introduced into Thai in ancient times and have been used without awareness of foreign words.

This time, we will introduce Thai vocabulary derived from the latter ancient Chinese. There are many cases where the pronunciation of ancient Chinese words is very different from today’s. Here we mainly focus on words that are easily associated with Japanese.

The writing order is original text→Thai→pronunciation→pronunciation katakana notation→Japanese meaning.

several กี่ (gìi) some keys
getอีก (ìik) ee (ku) and again
stupid โง่ (ŋôo) stupid
true จริง (ciŋ) chin (gu) real, real
late เก่า (kàw) cow old
warm, warm
salt (kem) salty
over กว่า (kwàa) to go beyond
matureสุก (sùk) mature
แล้ว (lέεw) Leeu already done
Lord เจ้า (câw) god of the week, person of status, owner
guest แขก (khὲεk) ke (ku) guest
snow (phûu) people
shaman (mɔ̌ɔ), wizard
husband ผัว (phǔa) poor husband
Daughter นาง (naaŋ) Nan (gu) woman
Penke(phʉ̂an) プアンYouyong
craftsman ช่าง (châŋ) chang craftsman, technician
gold คำ (kham) kham gold
Silver เงิน (ŋən) ngun silver
copper ทอง (thɔɔŋ) tone (g) gold, gold, metal
money สิน (sǐn) money
fu ภUbuntu (phuu) Phu mountain, mountain, hill
Tea ชา (chaa) tea
kan แกง (kɛɛŋ) sugar cane (gu) soup
Cloth (phâa) パーcloth
Price ค่า (khâa) car cost
The word ชื่อ (chʉ̂ʉ) Chu Ming
Fixed เที่ยง (thîaŋ) day (gu) noon, noon
soul ขวัญ (khwǎn) kwan soul
券ไพ่ (phâi) pie playing cards, card game
Shatai (saai) さーイ沙
powder (fùn) dust
charcoal ถ่าน (thàan) turn charcoal
Bean Hao (thùa) bean ア bean
White เผือก (phʉ̀ak) poor white, albinism
head µัว (tua) tua head (classifier for animals, etc.)
fog, fog
tim (òk) oh (ku) boobs
lung ปอด (pɔ̀ɔt) port (to) lung
skin (phǐw) ピU muscle
1 เอ็ด (èt) ET

What I picked up this time is only a small part, but if you know Thai, which you thought was difficult to learn, like Japanese, there are many words from Chinese, and you will feel more familiar.

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