Thai drama “Late Night Series Part 3” will start broadcasting on LaLaTV in July! “Love Theory” starring Off and others

CS broadcasts women’s channel ♪ LaLa TV is a popular drama that Thailand’s GMMTV is proud of

The “Midnight Series Trilogy” will be broadcast for the first time on TV for three months from July.

In July, starred in “Midnight Series: Midnight Motel”, which starred in the first work of the Midnight series “Love Theory”. August is “Midnight Series: Dirty Laundry Room,” starring “Bad Buddy Series” Nanon. The series concluded in September with “Midnight Series: Moonlight Chicken,” starring Earth and Mix, who played a couple in “A Thousand Stars.”

Don’t miss the Late Night Series trilogy directed by popular producer P’Aof, who has created “Still 2gether”, “Bad Buddy Series”, “A Thousand Stars” and many other hits!

● Thai drama feature page:

◆Starred in “The Theory of Love”!

“Midnight Series: Midnight Motel”<6集>


Broadcast date: From 21:30 on 7/9 (Sun.)

Starring: Junpon Adungkittiporn (Off), Ploeichompoo Supasap (Jan), Tanawin Teeraposegarn (Louis), etc.

The clever Mott (Off) and the genius programmer Doi (Louis). The two had the talent to win IT competitions when they were students, but luck gave them up and became losers. In order to punish an online casino for cheating and stealing money, the gang discovers they have hacked the rewrite program…


◆”Bad Buddy Series” starring Nanon. The culprit turned out to be a special customer at the laundromat! ?

Midnight Series: Dirty Laundry<6集>


Broadcast date: From 21:30 on 8/20 (Sun.) ※2 consecutive episodes

Starring: Korapat Kuppan (Nanon), Ratchanan Mahawan (Film), Patara Eksengkung (Foei) and more


The Midnight Laundromat is a midnight laundromat that is bustling with unique regulars. Nyon (Film), the owner, has a crush on Knight (Nanon), the mystery novelist, who occasionally shows up at the laundromat.

One day, by chance, the shopkeeper Nate appeared in front of Nyon who was in a panic after receiving a large sum of money.


◆ Earth and Mix starred in “A Thousand Stars”

“Midnight Series: Moonlight Chicken”


Air Date: Expected to air in September

Starring: Pilapat Watanasesshiri (Earth), Sahapab Wonrath (Mix), Thanawat Ratanagippaisan (Khaotung) and more


“Moonlight Chicken” is a chicken rice restaurant that offers “Hainanese Chicken Rice” which is very popular among office workers who stay up late. A complex and heartwarming love story that takes place in a street canteen that is loved by ordinary people.

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