Tenorio: Guam one of 3 priorities for Japan travel, arrival before pandemic expected in 2023 | News

Acting Gov. Josh Tenorio said Wednesday that Guam, South Korea and Taiwan are the top three priority areas for Japanese outbound travel that Japanese travel agencies are focusing on, which he said could bring Japanese visitors to Guam back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. year.

“They forecast that by the end of this calendar year, the number of inbound tourists from Japan will reach pre-COVID levels,” Tenorio said at the opening of a three-day conference hosted by the Guam chapter of the Institute of Government Accountants at the Westin Resort. Guam.

Acting Gov. Josh Tenorio spoke at the opening of the three-day Guam Professional Development Conference on Wednesday about Guam’s economic recovery, military expansion, equal pay and the number of Japanese tourists expected to return to Guam this year before the pandemic. The Accountants Guam Chapter will be held on February 8, 2023 at the Westin Resort, Guam.

In his welcoming remarks, Tenorio spoke of Guam’s overall economic recovery, which will benefit not only from tourism but also from $1 billion to $2 billion a year in military spending by 2030.

Increased economic activity has raised the importance of having a strong government accountant and financial sector, including ensuring pay equality, he said.

“GovGuam accountants are paid significantly less than their self-governing agency counterparts, averaging 31% less. Compared to the national average or average, they are paid 63% less than their peers at the national average,” Tenorio said at the Guam Career Development Conference explain. The AGA-Guam Chapter meeting concluded on Friday.

There has been both support and opposition to the Governor’s approval of a 22 percent pay adjustment for many Guam government employees.

Japanese travel agency

Regarding the recovery of the Japanese tourism market, Tenorio cited information from the Japan Association of Travel Agents, whose board members, led by chairman Hiroyuki Takahashi, held their first meeting in Guam from February 4 to 7.

“Although the recovery of overseas tourism from Japan is slower than we originally expected, we at JATA will lead the recovery of the Japanese overseas tourism market to cooperate in achieving a rapid recovery in the number of tourists to Guam. Together with the Guam Tourism Board and its members,” JATA’s Takahashi, who is also president of JTB, Japan’s largest travel agency, said in a statement released by GVB.