Ten things we can all learn from the Swedes

How to…not get ideas from your platform

Swedes and the Swedish flag (Dreamstime)

Swedes often describe their country and culture as ease, a word that doesn’t have a translation in any other language, but denotes just the right amount of something—neither too much nor too little. Aksel Sandemose’s 1933 novel “A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks” describes the oppressive “Jante’s Law,” which states that you should not Excellence is ingrained in Swedish culture. God forbid the Swedes choose to stand out from the crowd.

how to… hide the smell of farts


Surströmming eating shortbread (Dreamstime)

The Swedes are known for saving their food, canned sour herring, acid flowCommon in the north of the country, eaten with crackers, it smells worse than rotten eggs. In the 1600s, poor Swedes used salt to keep raw fish from rotting, and the tradition persists in the north. While you can never trust the weather forecast, it’s best to open a can of this Swedish “delicacy” outside. Or if you want to mask a bad smell in your room, it will definitely come in handy.the smell of acid flow overwhelming.

How to…not work while working

magazine simon paulin casual office 5394

Fika Wagon (Simon Pauling)

Want to start your day with a break after arriving at the office? How many breaks are there as time goes by? Then you should probably move to Sweden.Swedes pride themselves on being hardworking, but one of their favorite activities is coffee – Again, can’t be translated into any other language, but it roughly means an excuse to chat with friends, have a drink (non-alcoholic, of course), and, on a good day, have something sweet, such as a cookie. Brits love tea, Italians love espresso, and Swedes love fika.

How to… Steal Someone’s Mushrooms

magazine maans fornander blueberry picking 663

Girl Picking Blueberries (Måns Fornander)

Have you ever found the perfect camping spot, only to find it’s on someone else’s land?exist Sweden,This is not a problem. It’s okay to stomp around in someone’s back garden (usually a large garden or patio), or even pick their mushrooms or berries on a whim, at least as long as the owner can’t see you and you’re not doing anything to disturb them. Swedes have roamed freely for many years, and today, taking advantage of the public access Allemansrätten and embracing nature wherever you are is part of the culture.

how to…jump like a frog

magazine werner nystrand midsummer celebration in the rain 4271

The Swedes Dancing Around the Midsummer Column (Werner Nystrand)

Have you ever dreamed of singing about frogs and pretending to be one, hopping around midsommarstång, a wooden cross (similar to a Maypole in England) with two garlands decorated with flowers? maybe not.but if you go to sweden during midsummer (June), that dream will come true. On the longest day of the year, when the sun doesn’t set, kids and adults alike dance around Midsummer, a symbol of fertility.

How to… Embrace the Great Outdoors, No Matter the Weather


Swedes Outside a Cafe (Dreamstime)

It’s not uncommon for Swedes to sit outside on a cold day, under a blanket, with a hot drink in hand. Summers are short in Sweden, so people tend to do the same when the sun is out, even if it’s sub-zero and there’s snow or wind. There’s probably a reason why the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” rhymes in Swedish.

How To…Save Your Floors

magazine melker dahlstrand work live cooperative 2492 copy

The Swedes took the shoes (Melker Dahlstrand)

If you hate vacuuming and want to keep cleaning to a minimum, enforce the common Swedish “no shoes inside the house” rule. It might have something to do with the wet and snowy weather, but in Sweden you don’t get farther than a doormat in your shoes. If you’re going to a party, it’s a good idea to bring a pair of indoor shoes to match your outfit.

How to… Lead the World in Organic Products

magazine bjoern tesch ecological food store 1212

Organic Food Store (Björn Tesch)

Some people call the Swedes “health freaks”, and it’s not hard to believe this when you’ve been to a Swedish supermarket – just look at the wide variety of organic produce.Sweden seeks to beat neighbors Denmark Step off the podium and become the largest organic eating nation in the world.

How to… Quench Your Thirst by Singing

magazine carolina romare crayfish party 3045

Crawfish Party (Carolina Romar)

Is it okay to drink it once or twice at noon? certainly. In Sweden, it’s a tradition.The Swedes replaced the word “shot” with “gin” (or snapshot, Swedish) Sing a little song together before the toast though. Especially in August and September, crayfish season in Sweden, this behavior is normal, snapshot When the Swedes get together to celebrate, it has to be on the dinner table.

How to… Get Butter Flowing in Your Veins

magazine camilla degerman eating semla 1639

The Girl Who Eating Buns (Camilla Degman)

Don’t we all love a sweet treat and a reason to bring friends and family together? Birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah. There is always something to celebrate. The Swedes have taken it to the next level, though. Indulge in pancakes, waffles, cinnamon bunsWhen celebrating a special day, a semlor or other lovely pastry is almost a must.

Main image: Swedish Midsummer (Dreamtime)

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