Teachers and students stranded in Japan had to return home within 48 hours

(NewsNation) — What was supposed to be a fun trip for a Texas high school teacher and his students ended up being stranded in Japan and having to travel the world for 48 hours to get there. go home.

Spanish teacher Trevor Boffone was one of the escorts on the trip, which included a nine-day trip to Japan sponsored by EF Tours, the Houston Chronicle reported. His TikTok video detailing the chaotic trip has garnered millions of views.

Bovon and his students flew on American Airlines and its partner Japan Airlines. However, when the group arrived at Osaka International Airport to depart, they were told there was a reservation, but there was none.

“They tried their best, they really tried their best to get us on that flight,” Boffon said on NewsNation’s “American Morning.” “But there was no space, and they didn’t have tickets, so we ended up stuck.”

U.S. airlines have been slow to help travelers, Bovon said. Bovon said it took the company about ten hours to reach them.

“They said it had to be the group booking office that we were working with,” Bovon said. “That means we have to wait until it opens in the US.”

That means another 10 hour wait. When they finally spoke to someone at American Airlines, the company’s first solution was to schedule a flight that didn’t leave until 12 days later.

Boffone said EF Travel took immediate action when it became aware of the incident. It took them about 24 hours to rebook their flight home. Going home has also become my own journey. The teachers and students traveled from Osaka to Bangkok, Thailand, and then to Munich, Germany. The students and Bovon then arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina, their last stop before returning to Houston.

Boffone admitted that the unplanned 48-hour detour was “not ideal”, although they made the most of it.

“At the time, we were excited to be home, and it sounded like fun. I mean, globetrotting. It sounded like fun. But it wasn’t in a fun way,” he said.

American Airlines had not responded to a request for comment by press time. A representative for EF Tours told Insider that its “booking records always specify that the group’s flight is confirmed in our system.”

“We regret that the group’s flight was disrupted due to a miscommunication between American Airlines and Japan Airlines’ reservations,” a representative of the tour group told Insider.

After returning to the United States, Bofeng still suffered from jet lag.

“I’ve been sleeping at weird times,” he said. “I’m so tired. I don’t want to do anything.”

He said that if he was just under the influence of Bofeng, he would be fine. Being with 31 other people made it even more difficult.

“We had to wait for enough space for all of us to board,” Bovon said. “We had to find hotels for 31 people at the last minute. It was a fiasco.”

Still, he learned a valuable lesson from it all.

“Be patient,” Bovon said. “Eat your snacks, drink your beverages, and try to get enough sleep.”

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