TAT Brings “Magical Thailand Roadshow” to More Chinese Cities

TAT Brings “Magical Thailand Roadshow” to More Chinese Cities

“Wonderful Thailand China Roadshow 2023, Phuket and Andaman+” visits Chongqing, Beijing and Nanjing to boost people’s confidence in Thailand as the preferred destination for Chinese tourists.

Bangkok– Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Leads a Powerful Delegation of 56 Thai Tour Operators to ‘Amazing Thailand Roadshow to China 2023, Phuket and Andaman+’ Visits to three major cities, Chongqing, Beijing and Nanjing, from April 17 to 21, reiterated that Thailand remains the top destination for Chinese tourists.
The “Wonderful Thailand 2023 China Roadshow, Phuket and Andaman+” roadshow first visited Chongqing on April 17, then visited Beijing on April 19, and will visit Nanjing on April 21. Following the “Amazing Thailand Amazing New Chapters Roadshow to China 2023” in February, the event visited Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

gentlemen. Tanes PesuwanTAT Vice President International Marketing – Asia and South Pacific, said “The focus of the roadshow is to promote a quality travel experience in Thailand, with a particular focus on the wide range of travel products and services offered in Phuket and the nearby Andaman coastal region. and the continued confidence in Thailand as a destination of choice for Chinese tourists.”

“2023 China, Phuket and Andaman + Wonderful Thailand Roadshow” co-organized with Phuket Tourism Business Association has 38 hotel and resort operators, 6 travel agencies, 6 tourist destinations, 3 other types of tourism operations Three strategic partners of Shang and TAT.

In addition to business negotiation opportunities, Chinese tour operators in these three cities will also receive the latest information on Thailand’s high-quality tourism products and services, especially in Phuket and Andaman regions, while Thai tour sellers will receive market briefings on the Chinese market by Available at the TAT office in each city visited.

Over 200 Chinese tourism professionals from 101 companies participated in the roadshow held in Chongqing on April 17th for business talks and updates on tourism in Thailand.

The roadshow is also aimed at raising awareness of TAT’s recent marketing campaign in the Chinese market, “Tiew Muang Thai Ying Pai Ying Sanook” (Travel more, merrier) campaign in the Chinese market. It aims to emphasize that Thailand is still the preferred travel destination for Chinese tourists, and to promote a variety of high-quality tourism products and services to meet the lifestyles of different Chinese tourist groups.

Chongqing, Beijing and Nanjing are important economic cities in China and have flight connections with Thailand. Chongqing-Bangkok has an average of 25 flights per week, Beijing-Bangkok has 14 flights per week, and Nanjing-Bangkok has 23 flights per week.

From January 1 to April 10, 2023, Saudi Arabia recorded 614,338 Chinese tourists, according to preliminary figures from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

“More than 11 million Chinese tourists visited in 2019. China is an important tourism market for Thailand. As it continues to rebound, TAT expects that this year’s China Roadshow will help Thailand achieve its goal of receiving 9 million Chinese tourists in 2023.” Mr Tanes concluded.

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