Talk about travel: China draws up hoax list, some travel sites overwhelmed by tourists

Talk about travel: China draws up hoax list, some travel sites overwhelmed by tourists

Las Vegas, baby!

Tired of chips in Macau? Gambling addicts in Beijing rejoice. Hainan Airlines has announced a new non-stop service between the Chinese capital and Sin City.for those plans the Hangover-Themed stag parties or just want to go to a place (except Ritan Park South Gate) what’s going on there, stay there, Las Vegas is now only 13 hours across the Pacific (12 hours return).

It is worth mentioning that Hainan’s active route development does make a difference for those who often travel to the United States. My usual destination is a small town about two hours north of Boston. The Hainan 787 flew directly to Boston, shortening my total travel time from nearly 24 hours to about 16 hours. It’s still a transit, but it also means no more stopovers in San Francisco or the ninth circle of hell known as Chicago O’Hare Airport. No more claiming bags and going through the rigors of immigration, homeland security, and customs just to re-check the same bags. One flight, one seat, one security check.

Those worried about the safety of long-haul flights may find some comfort when an Emirates 777 was forced to make an emergency landing in Dubai last week with no passenger or crew injuries. All 275 people on board were evacuated safely despite a fire that eventually destroyed the entire plane, although unfortunately one emergency worker was killed trying to fight the fire.

In other news, don’t mess with the mice.Two months ago, Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin Laugh at Disney’s chances of success in China. This week, Wanda announced that its indoor movie theme park in Wuhan had been closed for “renovation” just 14 months after it opened. No word on reopening date.

Some of China’s most vulnerable sites are in danger of being overwhelmed by tourists. China Daily It was reported this week that the number of tourists to Tibet exceeded 6.8 million in the first half of 2016, a 31 percent increase over the same period in 2015.

Meanwhile, Gansu’s Mogao Grottoes, home to beautiful murals, sculptures and other examples of ancient Buddhist art, have seen a surge in tourists. Despite efforts by site officials to limit the number of tickets sold each day, more than 598,000 visitors have visited the site since the start of 2016, including a record 19,301 single-day visitors last month.

Finally, those who have been blacklisted from travel to China for bad behavior may find their travel plans curtailed in the future. Tourists placed on the naughty list of “uncivilized travel” could start to face restrictions on air travel, signing up for package tours or even being banned from international travel outright, according to new draft travel rules released earlier this week. Other proposed regulations address unscrupulous tour companies and websites.


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