Taiwan’s Guishan Island will reopen to tourists in March Taiwan News

Taiwan’s Guishan Island will reopen to tourists in March Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Starting March 1, tourists will be able to visit Guishan Island, also known as Turtle Island, off the coast of Yilan.

The small island off Taiwan’s northeast coast has been off-limits to tourists for the past three months. Tourists can visit the island again starting in March, but the number of tourists is capped at 1,800 per day, UDN reported.

From December 1st to February 28th every year, the island is closed to tourists to allow the local ecology to recover. The island is like a giant turtle on the horizon, brimming with biodiversity and the government hopes to minimize the environmental impact of tourists every year.

On February 28, the local government of Yilan will hold a cleanup activity on Guishan Beach to prepare for tourists returning to the island. The event is expected to attract around 500 people.

About 120,000 people visited the island last year, UDN reported. The local government requires all tourists to respect the local ecology and leave as few traces as possible.

Tours to Guishan can apply to the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration on a first-come, first-served basis. The geological features surrounding Guishan Island make it an unforgettable place to visit. A highlight is the natural ocean hot springs, which produce sulfur clouds beneath steep rocky cliffs along part of the island’s coast.

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