Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chiling marries Japanese boy band member Akira

In a shocking announcement, Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling revealed that she has tied the knot – with Akira, a member of Japanese boy group Exile.

On Thursday night (June 6), Lin, 44, posted a photo of himself with Akira, 37, on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, along with a long note.

In it, she says: “I have always believed that if I believe in love, love will return me one day. After many ups and downs, twists and turns, we met at different times – a right time, let’s see To our faces. Love.”

She finally said: “I’m married! I hope that every one of you who believes in love can find your own happiness.”

In less than 40 minutes, her post topped the real-time trending search list on Weibo, receiving more than 700,000 likes and more than 100,000 retweets.

Akira, whose real name is Kurosawa Ryohei, has been joining Exile since 2006 as a performer and dancer and is considered to be its second generation member. Exile is a popular Japanese boy group with 19 members, 15 of whom are active, and operates under a system where new members join while older members leave or retire.

Akira also posts on Weibo and his official Instagram account. He explained that he and Lin met eight years ago when they were making the stage play “Red Cliff” in Japan. Lin, whose modeling work landed her acting opportunities, played Xiao Qiao in John Woo’s historical film Chibi (2008) and reprized her role on stage opposite Akira, who played her husband, strategist Zhou Yu.

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