Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming commits suicide at 85

The famous Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming was found dead on Saturday night at the age of 85 in what prosecutors said was an apparent suicide.

Zhu’s family contacted authorities at 9:45 p.m. Saturday after his wife found the sculptor on the roof of his Taipei apartment, not showing any signs of life after returning from an evening workout.

Paramedics declared Ju dead when they arrived at the scene.

Photo courtesy of Juming Wenjiao Foundation

The Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office said a preliminary autopsy showed Ju died of asphyxiation, leading prosecutors to conclude he committed suicide.

Ju has reportedly suffered from various chronic illnesses over the past few years.

Known for his masterful depictions of human figures and human anatomy through sharp shapes and sleek contemporary color choices, Ju was a pioneer in the field of sculpture, with works exhibited around the world or available for permanent purchase.

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Photo: Yu Chao-fu, Taipei Times

Apart from his achievements as a sculptor, Chu’s most notable contribution to the Taiwanese art scene is the Ju Ming Museum, Taiwan’s largest outdoor collection of outdoor sculpture.

Located in Jinshan District, New Taipei City, the expansive area features the work of other local sculptors, including his masters and teachers, as well as his own extensive personal catalog, set in a park with ocean and mountain views.

His ancestral home is Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County. He started to get involved in art at the age of 15, learning temple sculpture and painting.

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Photo: Yu Chao-fu, Taipei Times

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