Taiwan police urge the dead to warn their descendants to beware of election bribery in dreams | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As Taiwan’s local elections loom, a Hualien County policeman broadcast a message from a cemetery urging the dead to tell their descendants not to participate in election bribery and other illegal activities.

In a TikTok video posted Nov. 11 that went viral, a police car from the Fenglin precinct can be heard playing anti-bribery messages as it drives slowly past a cemetery. The message begins by addressing “mothers, uncles, fathers, elders and grandmothers” in the local Aboriginal language.

“Nine-in-one elections will be held on the 26th. Tell your children and grandchildren, don’t bribe, don’t buy votes, (don’t engage in) illegal activities,” said the unidentified official. “If you have time, appear in your kids’ dreams (and tell them) not to break the law!”

According to a statement from the Fenglin Police Station on November 12, the video was shot on the afternoon of November 7. Police have been broadcasting anti-bribery messages in local communities to raise public awareness of the issue, and when the officer in the video drives by the cemetery, he decided to improvise and film his humorous performance to share with friends and family.

However, after the video was uploaded to social media, it quickly became popular and was well received by netizens. The bureau expressed the hope that through this incident, the public will be educated not to bribe, which will help maintain election fairness.

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