Taiwan News Quick Facts- Taipei Times

Taiwan News Quick Facts- Taipei Times


Two fronts are coming

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said on Sunday that two weather fronts will bring precipitation across the country from today, but the rain will do little to ease the drought in central and southern Taiwan. CWB forecaster Lin Ting-yi said the first front line will pass over Taiwan between today and tomorrow. The northeast monsoon will intensify, bringing temperatures down from 28oC to 22oC to 19oC, he said, adding that there will be scattered showers in the north and northeast, as well as mountainous areas in central and southern Taiwan. The second front will arrive between Saturday night and Sunday, Lin said. While a second front could destabilize weather in the north and northeast, its real impact will only be measured as it approaches the country next week, he said.


Mpox Vaccine Fill

Luo Yijun, deputy director of the CDC, said that as of yesterday morning, all 30,000 places for the second round of vaccination had been booked, and the online registration platform was temporarily closed. The next batch of about 60,000 vaccine doses is expected to arrive by the middle of next month, and registration is expected to begin in late next month or early June, he said. The first round of mpox vaccination registration started on March 21, and the 3,000 quota was completed within 10 minutes, while the second round of registration began on the afternoon of April 10, and the 30,000 quota was completed at 10:39 am yesterday. As of yesterday, there were 40 cases of mpox in Taiwan – 31 local and 9 imported.


announced the reshuffle of the army

The Ministry of Defense announced last week that Naval Commander Mei Jiashu will take over as chief of staff, the military’s highest command post, next Monday. May will succeed Chen Baoyu, who reached military retirement age at 64 last year. However, President Tsai Ing-wen extended his term last year, making Chen the first chief of staff to extend his term. The Ministry of National Defense said Tang Hua, the deputy chief of the general staff, will serve as the new naval commander. Vice Minister of National Defense Wang Xinlong will serve as one of the military strategic advisers to the presidential palace. His position is held by Army Commander Xu Yanpu, while Army Deputy Commander Zhong Shuming will be promoted to succeed Xu. All mandates will take effect next Monday, it said.


Two noodle brands banned

The Taipei City Health Bureau announced the inspection results of instant noodles in the city yesterday, saying that two types of instant noodles produced by Southeast Asian brands were found to be carcinogenic. The department said a batch of “Alai White Curry Mee” from Malaysia and a batch of “Indomie: Special Chicken Flavor” noodles from Indonesia were found to contain ethylene oxide, a compound linked to lymphoma and leukemia. Ethylene oxide was detected in noodles and seasoning packets of Malaysian products and in seasoning packets of Indonesian products. It said the unspecified retailer it collected samples from had been told to pull the two products from their shelves and the importer of the products could be fined between NT$60,000 and NT$200 million ($1,958-$6.5 million).

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