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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Shi Zhenrong, co-founder and honorary chairman of Acer, shared his insights on the global economy and cryptocurrency market next year (2023) on Tuesday (December 27).

Mr. Shi appeared in the National Concert Hall to attend the promotional press conference for the upcoming New Year concert of Yige Orchestra. When asked about his views on the recession, Mr. Shi was optimistic about Taiwan’s long-term economic development.

He told Taiwan News that in the first half of 2023, Taiwan’s economy and the global economy will continue to be unstable. But Taiwan’s competitiveness is strong, and creativity is a country’s strength.

The 78-year-old entrepreneur said the return to normalcy will be gradual as countries have struggled with inflation for the past six months. “We have to be close to the market and understand what our customers want.”

However, there are still fears of mass layoffs in Taiwan following events at Micron Technology, Intel and other tech giants. Shi said that Taiwanese technology companies still have a great demand for talents, so there is no need to think too much.

As for the reasons for the layoffs of the above companies, Mr. Shi explained that Micron’s products lack diversity and the market demand for computer storage devices is shrinking. As for Intel, its marketing power is stronger than its products.

Shih, a prominent investor in Taipei’s digital art space “Ambi Space One,” further shared his views on the cryptocurrency bear market.

“Big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain are inevitable. The question is how we use them wisely. When people develop new things, turmoil always happens,” Shi said.

He stated that he will continue to develop non-fungible tokens and Metaverse-related technologies because “this is the future.” In addition, he revealed that the well-known Taiwanese abstract artist Jiang Xianer will exhibit his generative art works at the venue.

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