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  • Company Name

    Sojourn House Co., Ltd.

  • industry

    travel industry

  • work summary

    Planning, proposal, sales, etc. of overseas travel (mainly leisure travel)

  • employment form

    Full-time staff/probationary period

  • job description

    Make travel plans with clients.
    Telephone reception, customer service, reservation arrangement, product planning, etc.

    ○Travel Consultation
    ○Arrangements for air tickets, hotels, self-funded groups, etc.
    ○ Marketing-based product planning

    ★ Express your opinion in a free atmosphere!
    This business is inefficient! If there is such a product, it will sell! We will actively take these comments into account.
    We are a company that can do anything according to our ability.

  • Profession


  • Service

    ・Tokyo Headquarters: 8 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro Station on each line
    ・Osaka Branch: Directly connected to the Nankai Electric Railway “Namba Station” Central South Exit, about 10 minutes’ walk from “Namba Station” on each line
    *Also partially covered working from home.

  • operating hours

    9:30-18:30 (60-minute break)
    5 days from Monday to Sunday

  • salary

    Monthly salary 214,580 yen (basic salary 180,000 yen, fixed overtime pay of 34,580 yen for 25 hours)
    Monthly salary 350,000 yen (basic salary 293,597 yen, fixed overtime pay of 56,403 yen for 25 hours)
    *Exceeding fixed overtime pay will be paid separately.
    *Negotiable based on experience and achievements. Advance payment will be considered.
    The wages from the 1st to the last day of each month are paid on the 25th of the month

  • Treatment/Benefits

    Salary increase twice a year starting from half a year
    Two bonuses per year starting six months after joining the company (*performance-linked system)

    (Child-rearing support system)
    There are support systems such as childcare leave, full-time work, shortened working hours, and part-time workers.

    【Commuting Allowance】
    Up to 35,000 yen per month
    Complete social security

    (qualification allowance)
    10,000 yen per month (acquires a general travel business processing manager)

    (parenting allowance)
    Spouse 10,000 yen per month, other relatives 5,000 yen per month (Total 25,000 yen per month or less)

    (Privilege facility)
    Discounts for sports and leisure facilities contracted by the Tourism Industry Health Insurance Association

  • holiday

    【121 days of annual leave】
    2 days off per week (1 extra day off if there is a holiday)
    Year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation, funeral leave, adjustment leave, marriage leave, career review system, etc.
    Paid vacation: 10 days from the date of entry (the number of days varies depending on the date of entry)

  • Application conditions

    Those with travel agency or travel industry experience are welcome

  • How to apply

    Please send[Application Documents]to the email address listed in[Address].
    *Personal information obtained upon application will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please be sure to access the URL described in (Handling of Personal Information) and agree to the content before applying.

    Document screening results will be sent to the email address used in the application within 5 working days of the application date.
    If you pass the document screening, we will contact you with a candidate date for interview.


    (Application document)
    ・Electronic resume (with photo)

    【About the handling of personal information】
    ・Privacy Policy:
    ・Handling of personal information of applicants:

  • contact address

  • HR Personnel Name

    hiring personnel

  • Company Name

    Sojourn House Co., Ltd.

  • representative name

    Representative Director Shizue Iwata

  • address

    3-1-1 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward, Tokyo
    Sunshine 60.8F

  • telephone number


  • fax


  • url

  • corporate philosophy

    While contributing to the development of international exchanges and world peace,
    Pursue the physical and mental satisfaction and happiness of all employees and related parties

  • business content

    Enterprise Division
    Mainly for overseas business trips and domestic business trips, MICE, incentive travel, employee travel, training travel, group travel, concerts and events, etc.

    casual business
    Our travel concierge will support you on your travels, from inquiries to your return home. We will propose a tailor-made tour according to your requirements.

  • Date of establishment

    April 18, 1994

  • capital

    1,061,860,000 yen

  • Number of employees


  • sales

    33 billion (fiscal year 2019)

  • office

    Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Vietnam, Hawaii, Indonesia

  • member

    Love 7, Inc.
    Tabikobo Vietnam Company Limited
    PT.Ramayana Adventure Travel

  • major client

    General companies, government offices, semi-government private sector,
    About 1600 companies


  • We are a travel concierge that strives for the satisfaction of every customer.

    We promote sales activities under the motto “For our partners” and always keep in mind to make proposals one step ahead of changes in the presence of a wide range of partners.

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