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Supporting NGO Child Action Lanka | Surara Net Press Release for Children Abroad to Sri Lanka Mathematics e-Learning “Surala Ninja!”

Supporting NGO Child Action Lanka | Surara Net Press Release for Children Abroad to Sri Lanka Mathematics e-Learning “Surala Ninja!”

“Surala Ninja!” is an e-learning system developed for elementary school students as an overseas version of “Surala”. In Sri Lanka, we cooperate with our partner Next Learners (Pvt) Ltd. to develop private schools and cram schools, and actively correct the education gap in Sri Lanka, such as setting up “Surala JUKU” math classes for children and providing “SOS Children’s Village” to support children separated from their families.I have been working on

Child Action Lanka introduced this time is a Sri Lankan NGO active in the three pillars of education, health and nutrition, and child protection. It has child support centers in eight locations in Sri Lanka. . The center provides nutritious meals and a variety of learning activities to children with high vulnerability due to reasons such as poverty, and is used by children of all ages from preschool through high school. Starting this February, we will be using “Surala Ninja!” to start math lessons.

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Surara’s class will be the first mathematics lesson as part of the center’s educational activities. “Surala Ninja!” is an e-learning textbook that integrates lectures, exercises, and tests. Even instructors who have no experience in mathematics teaching can provide high-quality mathematics education. The target center has newly set up a computer room, which is divided into classes according to grades. Children from elementary school to junior high school can learn according to their learning ability. (Photo: Parent Information Session)

Debbie Edirisinghe, Founder and Director, Child Action Lanka, commented: “I think it’s important to look at education from a fresh perspective. Why should we try to limit our children from learning from books when there are more ways? I am very grateful to Surara Net Reinvigorated my child’s passion for math.”

In Sri Lanka, where schools have been closed for nearly two years due to the novel coronavirus infection, even after reopening last fall, instability such as the Omicron strain outbreak has continued and the economy has been hit hard. Where learning delays are a concern, we will work with local partner companies to provide higher quality education and improve children’s basic academic skills.

At Surara Net, we are committed to addressing social issues through our business, and we publish an “Impact Management Report” that visualizes the logic behind making an impact. Poverty is one of four social issues we focus on, along with school refusal, developmental and learning disabilities, and low academic ability. , aimed at correcting educational disparities.

*See here ( for information on Surala Net’s ESG initiatives.

About the eLearning material Surala Ninja!
An overseas version developed for elementary school students, this is an e-learning system where you can learn the four arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through interactive animations. Students can learn at their own pace on their own devices, while teachers can monitor their learning progress and level of understanding through the learning management system and adjust learning content to optimize learning for each student. Currently, Sri Lanka has a Sinhala version, Indonesia has a Bahasa Indonesia version, and the English version is mainly used in India and the Philippines.

■ About Surara Net Co., Ltd.
Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Innovative Education, Empowering Children’s Lives”, Surara Net provides adaptive and interactive ICT teaching materials “Surara” and “Surara Drills” to approximately 2,500 cram schools and cram schools in Japan. It is provided to more than 400,000 school students, etc. While the scope of use in public schools, famous private junior high schools, and major cram schools across the country continues to expand, it is also helping to solve educational problems in Japan, such as developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, Provide learning opportunities for students who refuse to attend school, and economically disadvantaged families. We have continued to grow in this way, and in 2017, we listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers as a representative EdTech start-up company.

Since 2014, it has started overseas business and has been introduced to private schools and cram schools in various countries. In recent years, Japanese-style education has attracted attention in many countries around the world, and the Japanese government is also working hard to support the overseas expansion of educational technology companies. Following last year’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/JETRO “Future Classroom” Overseas Expansion Support Project, Surara Net will continue to carry out the Japanese-style education overseas expansion project “EDU-” Port Japan Pilot Project this year We are working as an official project Overseas projects Please see here (English website)

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