Super huge cantaloupe bread appeared! Russian Sato eats the “roadside station food” that people talk about! | Media TV Tokyo plus for TV TOKYO, BS TV TOKYO to read, watch and feel

Super huge cantaloupe bread appeared! Russian Sato eats the “roadside station food” that people talk about!  | Media TV Tokyo plus for TV TOKYO, BS TV TOKYO to read, watch and feel

From 6:30 on Sunday night, “Izumori Hunter”[VS8kgsupergiantramen!【BigBountyHunterJourney】Onair!

“TV Tokyo Plus” will broadcast the content of “Opening in April! Eat the best ingredients in Ibaraki Prefecture at roadside stations” broadcast on June 25 (Sunday).

A new project to challenge the “No. 1 in Japan” food ingredients in prefectures and regions across the country<地理問答×暴飲暴食>here we go! The theme this time is Ibaraki Prefecture. Guests connected to Ibaraki Prefecture will have a gourmet quiz contest at “Michi no Eki Joso”, the newest hot spot in Joso, Ibaraki Prefecture, which opened in April this year.

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Ibaraki prefecture selects the best ingredients in Japan from 10 kinds of ingredients, and you can really eat “roadside station food” using these ingredients. One for each, one for the hunter, after the visiting team eats, the challenge will be successful if they hit 4! Can you get 4 correct answers before you get full! ?

The challenger is the Russian Sato, also known as “The Big Mouth”. The guest team includes Kenji Murakami (Fruit Punch), Travis Japan (Travis Japan), model NANAMI and gluttonous entertainer Kageyama from Ibaraki Prefecture. MC Sanshiro (Hironobu Komiya, Shuji Aida) is in charge of supervision.

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The first item is “Melon”, which Murakami confidently chose. As a delicacy using melon juice, “melon pot” 20 times larger than usual appeared from “melon and bakery”, which surprised everyone!
This is a popular dish with delicate sweetness and chewy texture, but the Russian who took a bite said with a wry smile: “It’s really hard to eat.” But when he suddenly encountered a strong enemy, he continued to eat it, and it took only 20 minutes. Finished!

The Russians wanted to be No. 1, and it turned out that Japan had the No. 1 crop (Crop Status Survey, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 2021).

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“Natto” was selected as the second item, and “Joso Inaho Shokudo” introduced the “Inaho Shokudo Course” full of the charm of Ibaraki Prefecture, the hometown of natto.
Ibaraki Prefecture is the number one producer of natto in Japan (National Natto Cooperative Federation, 2023), and rightly so, of course!

Shichigosanke then noticed that Chinese cabbage was used as an ingredient in miso soup. I deduced that “the signature menu miso soup contains Chinese cabbage…” and chose “Chinese cabbage” for the third item.

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The Michi no Station gourmet using Chinese cabbage is “Joso Naho Shokudo”‘s “Joso Cabbage Vegetable Ramen”. Chinese cabbage is boldly sprinkled, and the sweetness is concentrated by grilling. This is a very popular vegetable ramen right now, using Chinese cabbage boiled in a soup.

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The Russians ate the Chinese cabbage on top in one bite, and it took only 4 minutes to finish it. On the other hand, the visiting team is about to be full, but Masuda can’t stop this momentum!

The seven-five-three reading is correct, and the yield of Chinese cabbage is the highest in the country (MAFF crop status survey, 2021).

So far, 3 correct answers in a row is already a miracle, but the 4th item “soba noodles” is wrong and not perfect. In addition, the 5th item “sweet potato” and the 6th item “flounder” continue to be wrong, and everyone is almost full. Win a game with 7 “Eggs”!

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“Okukuji Shamo Oyakodon” at “TAMAGOYA Joso Restaurant” is the gourmet dish of the road station using eggs. Oyakodon, made with juicy, tangy Okukuji Shamo and tempura eggs that can only be caught from one chicken a day, made the entire guest team say, “Yummy!”.

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Russians are delighted with its deliciousness! Eat it with pelori despite eating more than 3kg already.

As a result, egg production ranks first in Japan (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Livestock Product Distribution Survey, 2021). Everything becomes beautiful.
The total weight we ate this time was 8.64kg! Thank you for your meal, “Tao Station Changzhuang”!

From 6:30 on Sunday night, “Izumori Hunter”[VS8kgsupergiantramen!【BigBountyHunterJourney】Onair!

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