[Summary of Global Flight Changes in May]All Nippon Airways resumed operations at Haneda Airport Terminal 2 International Flight Facility for the first time in 3 years

[Summary of Global Flight Changes in May]All Nippon Airways resumed operations at Haneda Airport Terminal 2 International Flight Facility for the first time in 3 years

According to the forecast of IATA (International Air Transport Association), global air passenger demand in March 2023 will increase by 41.2% compared with the same month in 2022, returning to nearly 90% of the level in March 2019 before the new crown crisis. I am coming.

In April 2023, the international passenger load factor of Japan Airlines (hereinafter referred to as JAL) will reach 74.5%, and the number of passengers will exceed 500,000 for the second consecutive month, and the number of passengers will exceed 500,000.

In addition, ANA also announced that it will resume the operation of international flight facilities in Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport from July 19, which is the first time in three years. There are 5 flights departing from Terminal 2, including flights to London and Taipei/Songshan.

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*In this article, we have compiled information on global flight operations as of June 5, 2023. Subsequent operating conditions may vary.

IATA: Air travel continued to grow in March
Japan Airlines: JAL Group Monthly Report
All Nippon Airways: monthly shipping results
All Nippon Airways: Resumes ANA international flight operations departing from Haneda Airport Terminal 2 for the first time in three years

【East Asia】Spring Airlines will open Fukuoka-Shanghai/Pudong route in June

In East Asia, many countries are opening new routes or increasing the number of flights.

Japan’s JAL to increase flights between Haneda and New York to 2 daily

On May 28, JAL increased the number of flights between Haneda and New York to two flights per day, and in August added five round trips between Narita and Honolulu, and continued on the Guam route every week from September Add 4 round trips. .

The company will operate two round-trip charter flights between Narita and Ulaanbaatar for a trip to Mongolia departing during the summer vacation in late August. Flights from Narita on August 24 and 28, and flights from Ulaanbaatar on August 28 and September 1.

In order to alleviate congestion, we plan to introduce the latest security check system “JAL Smart Security” at Naha Airport around March 2024. Liquids such as laptops and PET bottles can now pass through security checks without being removed from bags, which promises to cut inspection times.

▲ Launch of “JAL SMART SECURITY” for domestic flights at Naha Airport in March 2024: Excerpt from JAL press release

From September 24th, Peach Airlines will increase the number of flights from Okinawa/Naha to Taipei/Taoyuan to 3 flights per day.

Spring Japan (formerly Spring Airlines Japan) resumed the Narita-Ningbo route from June 25, with 4 round trips in 6 days from 25th to 30th, and 1 round trip per day after July 2 (7 round trips per week).).

ZIPAIR will increase the number of flights between Narita and Honolulu from July 28 to August 25, up to 7 round trips per week (1 round trip per day).

Delta Air Lines is proposing to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) “Haneda Gateway Flexibility” regarding the flexible operation of Haneda Airport’s international arrival and departure slots. I object to this proposal.

Responding to United’s sentiments, Delta said, “United will be able to fly to Haneda from anywhere in the U.S. through its joint venture with ANA.”

Taking into consideration the Osaka Kansai Expo 2025 and future aviation needs, the City of Kobe announced that it will open a new terminal at Kobe Airport in late March 2025.

On June 1, affected by Typhoon No. 2, more than 310 flights were canceled, mainly domestic flights to and from Okinawa, affecting about 27,000 people.

Japan Airlines: 2023 summer international route plan confirmed
Japan Airlines: 2023 Summer International Route Plan Additional Confirmation
Japan Airlines:[Kanto]Travel to Mongolia in summer and decide to operate Ulaanbaatar charter flights in August
Japan Airlines: In March 2024, “JAL SMART SECURITY” will be launched on domestic flights at Naha Airport
Peach Aviation: Timetables
Spring in Japan: Increased international and domestic flights from June to August 2023
ZIPAIR: The number of flights from Tokyo (Narita) = Honolulu is increasing during the summer vacation!
Kobe City: Kobe Airport New Terminal Development

Spring Airlines will launch Fukuoka-Shanghai/Pudong route in June

Spring Airlines will resume the Fukuoka-Shanghai/Pudong route on June 5, with 4 round trips per week.

China Eastern Airlines will also resume the Fukuoka-Shanghai/Pudong route from June 12, with two round trips per week. From July 1st, the Naha-Shanghai/Pudong route will resume, with one flight per day.

Juneyao Airlines will launch two new routes to Japan on July 1. One is Beijing/Daxing-Kansai route, and the other is Beijing/Daxing-Central China route.

Spring Airlines: Spring Airlines opens 6 international routes from Japan to China
China Eastern Airlines: The latest flight schedule for the Japan-China route is announced
Central Centrair International Airport: Juneyao Airlines announced the opening of the Beijing (Daxing) route
Kansai Airport: Juneyao Airlines at Kansai International Airport opens the Kansai-Beijing Daxing route!

Taiwan’s Starspace Airlines to launch Kumamoto-Taipei route in September

Taiwan’s new airline, STARLUX Airlines, has announced that it will operate three weekly flights between Kumamoto and Taipei/Taoyuan starting September 1. This is the first scheduled flight between Kumamoto and Taipei/Taoyuan.

In addition, the Taipei/Taoyuan-Clark route will be launched on August 15th, with a round trip every day.

From May 27th, Tigerair Taiwan will increase the flight between Okayama-Taipei/Taoyuan to one flight per day.

Starspace Airlines: Starspace Airlines will launch a new Kumamoto-Taipei (Taoyuan) route on September 1, 2023
Star Air: Star Air will launch a new Taipei-Clark route on August 15, 2023
Tigerair Taiwan: Timetable

Korean Air Increases Chitose-Incheon Flights to 11 Weekly

Korean Air will increase its flights between Sapporo/Chitose and Seoul/Incheon to 11 flights per week starting July 18.

In addition, the European Commission announced on May 17 that it had issued a statement of objection to Korean Air’s acquisition of Asiana Airlines. It said that passenger and cargo market competition between Europe and South Korea may be restricted, and the European Commission is expected to make a final decision in early August.

On May 26, at Daegu International Airport in South Korea, a passenger opened the emergency exit door before the Asiana Airlines flight landed.

Korean Air: Increased flights between Sapporo (New Chitose) and Seoul (Incheon)

Hong Kong Airlines to Launch Hong Kong-Central Route in July

From June 29th, Hong Kong Airlines will increase the number of flights between Fukuoka and Hong Kong to one flight per day. From July 8, four new round-trip flights from Hong Kong to Central China will be added every week, and from August 21, daily round-trip flights will be added.

Cathay Pacific resumed flights to/from Hong Kong via Taipei/Taoyuan to/from Kansai on 1 June. From August 1st, the Hong Kong-Johannesburg route resumed, and from October 3rd, the Hong Kong-Chicago route resumed three times a week.

Fukuoka Airport: Hong Kong Airlines (HX) – Airline Information
Chubu Centrair International Airport: Hong Kong Airlines Announces Opening of Hong Kong Route
Cathay Pacific: Updated Flight Schedules to Japan
Cathay Pacific: Hong Kong to Johannesburg flights | (HKG – JNB)
Cathay Pacific: Flights from Hong Kong to Chicago | (HKG – ORD)

(Southeast Asia) Vietjet Air will launch Hiroshima-Hanoi route in July

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam’s Vietjet Airways plans to launch a Hiroshima-Hanoi route in July.

Vietnam’s Vietjet to launch Hiroshima-Hanoi route in July

On July 19, Vietjet Air will launch its eighth route to Japan – Hiroshima-Hanoi, with two round trips per week.

In addition, during the Obon Festival, charter flights are opened between Sendai and Da Nang, and HIS (HIS) also sells tour groups. The itinerary is one trip from Sendai on August 11 and one trip from Da Nang on August 15.

Vietjet Air JSC: Vietjet Airways announced the launch of the first direct flight between Hiroshima and Vietnam to celebrate the G7 Hiroshima Summit in 2023
HIS:[Support cancellation]”Departure on August 11 (holiday)” take a direct charter flight with Vietjet Air!5 days free travel in Da Nang from Sendai

Garuda Indonesia, some flights of the Narita-Denpasar route stop at Manado

Garuda Indonesia operates some flights to and from Narita and Denpasar via Manado.

It was introduced on some flights from March, but that period will be extended and will run until October 25.

Garuda Indonesia: route and flight number changed to GA880/GA881 (Denpasar-Narita) and weekly GA884/GA885 (Denpasar-Manado-Narita)

【North America, South America】Hawaiian Airlines resumes Haneda-Kona route

In the US, Hawaiian Airlines will resume Haneda-Kona flights.

Hawaiian Airlines resumes Haneda-Kona route, 3 round trips per week

Beginning October 29, Hawaiian Airlines will resume operations between Haneda and Kona with 3 roundtrip flights per week. On the other hand, it has been decided to extend the suspension of service between Sapporo/Chitose and Honolulu until March 31, 2024.

At Guam Airport, which was closed due to the impact of Typhoon No. 2, United Airlines resumed flights from Narita to Guam on May 30.

Hawaiian Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines to resume daily Haneda-Honolulu service in August

(Oceania) Qantas to increase flights between Haneda and Sydney to twice daily

In Oceania, Qantas will increase flights to Japan.

Australia’s Qantas to increase flights between Haneda and Sydney to two daily

Qantas will increase flights to Japan from November 26 and increase flights between Haneda and Sydney to twice a day. Among them, flights departing and arriving at Haneda Airport in the early morning will use Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

In addition, two routes departing from Haneda Airport, Melbourne and Brisbane will also be transferred to Narita Airport. We currently operate 14 weekly flights to and from Japan (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), but as we increase the number of flights we will double the number of weekly return flights to 28 weekly.

Qantas: Melbourne has Qantas direct flights
Qantas: Flights from Tokyo Narita (NRT) to Brisbane (BNE)

(Europe) ITA Airlines to increase flights between Haneda and Rome from August

In Europe, Italian airline ITA will increase its round-trip flights between Haneda and Rome to six times a week from 1 August. France has also enacted a law banning flights with alternative flights within two and a half hours of the train.

Lufthansa agrees to acquire 41% stake in Italy’s ITA

The Lufthansa Group announced on May 25 that it has reached an agreement with the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF) to acquire a stake in Italian national airline ITA Airways.

The group will increase its capital by 325 million euros (approximately 48.769 billion yen) to acquire a 41% stake in ITA.

Lufthansa Group: Lufthansa Group reaches agreement to acquire 41% of ITA Airways

ITA Alitalia to increase flights from Haneda to Rome from August

ITA Airlines will increase the number of flights between Haneda and Rome to six round trips per week from August 1.

There are currently 5 round trips per week, departing from Haneda on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and departing from Rome on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

ITA Airlines: Tokyo Rome

France bans domestic flights for 2.5 hours

France came into force on May 23 with a law prohibiting the operation of routes where alternative transport is available within two and a half hours of trains. The move is aimed at reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Among the domestic flights to and from Paris Orly Airport, three routes including Lyon, Nantes and Bordeaux have become targets, and Air France, which is currently operating, has withdrawn from these routes.

【Middle East】Etihad Airways launches Abu Dhabi-Kansai route in October

In the Middle East, Etihad Airways of the United Arab Emirates will launch flights from Abu Dhabi to Kansai in October, and Turkish Airlines will resume flights from Istanbul to Kansai in December.

Etihad Airways launches Abu Dhabi-Kansai route in October

Etihad Airways announced that it will launch a new Abu Dhabi-Kansai route from October 1. There are 5 return flights per week from Kansai Airport on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and from Abu Dhabi on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Etihad Airways: Say Konnichiwa to Osaka!Etihad Airways announces new route to Japan

Türkiye’s Istanbul-Kansai route to resume in December

Turkish Airlines will resume four weekly flights between Istanbul and Kansai from December. From December, the number of round-trip flights on the Narita route will be increased to seven flights per week (one flight per day).

The airline also launched an Istanbul-Krakow route on May 3. This will be the second city in Poland after Warsaw.

Kansai Airport Co., Ltd.: Turkish Airlines Kansai=Istanbul route resumes!
Turkish Airlines: Book flights from Krakow

Fully understand the entry measures!Presentation of latest reports and seminars

On Visit Japan Lab, we publish the latest reports and conduct workshops to support store managers who have problems with entry measures to address their concerns and questions.

Workshops on “Food Diversity” (Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan) and “Sustainable Tourism”

main hlab webinar bnr 20230704 corp 1

“Sustainable tourism” is attracting the attention of the world. It means “sustainable tourism” in Japanese, and its concept is to achieve sustainable development as a tourist destination by protecting the natural environment and traditional culture, and by developing an environment that can accommodate a variety of tourists. Therefore, in this seminar, we will introduce examples of efforts to create “sustainable” tourism content in response to “food diversity”.

Miso udon shop “Ote Yamamotoya” in Nagoya is a 100-year-old shop. While it has many regulars, the restaurant has become a favorite among Muslims, vegetarians and vegans thanks to its newly launched support for food diversity. Despite being a store with a long history, we will delve into the background and results of the new initiative.

The Hitoyoshi-Kuma Tourism Regional Development Committee is promoting sustainable regional development following the 2020 Kumamoto torrential rains. He will talk about sustainable tourism in the region, such as the development and deployment of vegetarian and vegan menus using local ingredients in many shops for local consumption.

In addition, Mr. Kawanishi, General Manager of the Consulting Department of Visit Japan Lab, and Mr. Shugo, Representative Director of Food Diversity Co., Ltd., will explain the basic knowledge and practical methods of dealing with “food diversity” and sustainable development. travel. This is a workshop where you can learn about sustainable tourism attracting worldwide attention in one and a half hours!

View more information about the seminar

Provide comprehensive immigration countermeasure services for your business! “Inbound Entrepreneurship” Business Fair

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This time, we will hold an event where “experts in immigration countermeasures” who operate services related to immigration countermeasures gather!

If you want to introduce tools and consultation, if you want to exchange entry information, everyone is welcome to join us.

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A must see for new entry managers! From basic information to the latest data, a comprehensive understanding of “entry measures” 【Visit Japanese laboratory supervision】

main abbfb96374ef2da25493ffa2f8452b5b

On May 8, 2023, the new crown virus was finally transferred to category 5, and entry is expected to resume seriously. However, there are also many people who are distressed, “Where should I start with the entry measures?”

Therefore, mov Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the visit of the Japanese laboratory, produced a report summarizing the “basis of entry measures” and showing the “first step” of entry measures. After reading this report, you have mastered the entry knowledge you should know!

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