Student organization ONE LIFE is building a fourth school in Cambodia! (Published by student group ONE LIFE on May 17, 2023)


Hello! This is the student body ONE LIFE.

We are a volunteer organization that provides educational support to a country in Southeast Asia called Cambodia.

July 3, 2015.

When three college students saw an article “Even students can build a school”, the student group “ONE LIFE” was formed.

“Look at the people in the world and treat others as your own.

Everyone has dreams and hopes, and a smile creates a smile. “

Due to the poor educational environment in Cambodia, many children cannot receive satisfactory education or cannot go to school due to family reasons.

We want to improve the educational environment and increase children’s choices for the future, and we are doing some activities that create smiles. “

The organization started from scratch in 2015 and built its first school in just one year and four months, we provided playground equipment and textbooks, and built a library.

Now it has grown to more than 70 people, mainly students from the Tokyo metropolitan area.

how the project started

Our ONE LIFE 8th generation student organization has been discussing what kind of support should be provided to Cambodian elementary school students for four months since its establishment in November.

Through various discussions and actual visits to Cambodia,

“Construction of a new school building at Samakee Primary School”

I draw conclusions.

Currently, the organization has approximately 3.5 million yen in funds inherited from its predecessor. The new school building of Samaki Elementary School needs 7.79 million yen.

We plan to hold five charity events per year and do at least four street fundraisers per month to raise money. However, even through these activities, we cannot make up the rest of the support.

members have

“Wouldn’t it be better to offer support that matches who you are?”

“Wouldn’t it be difficult to raise the remaining support funds for the rest of the time?”

There are also opinions that say this.

The current situation of Samakhee Primary School that I saw in Cambodia was far beyond my imagination.

■ Problems with the existing building of Samakhee Primary School

“We can’t have classes when it’s raining because it leaks so badly.”

or in a classroom on stilts

“If you drop your stationery because there’s a gap in the floor, you have to go down the stairs and crawl under the floor to find it.”

Also, the kids are a bit small compared to other elementary schools. Inadequate nutrition can affect development.

Even under such circumstances, children still come to school with smiles every day. Their “smiles” are brilliant, but when I hear about them, some elementary school students are living lives that cannot be imagined from their smiles.

Even so, doesn’t it make him smile because he likes school?

To further increase the “smile”

Take you to experience the “new environment”

I don’t want to give up!

Therefore, I decided to challenge crowdfunding this time. We want to convey our activities to as many people as possible, let them understand the current state of education in Cambodia, and seek their support.

Do smile-making activities to create a smile

Student organization ONE LIFE will continue to create smiles!

Fragments of children who met through activities (partial)

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[8th generation]Ayaka Wada, a third-year student at Tokyo Women’s University

The girl I got along with when I went in the summer still remembers me when I went in the spring. When our eyes met, she would smile and wave to me.

They read me a Khmer book supported by ONE LIFE and practiced reading aloud with me. I’m so happy and happy that he wrote my name on his hand. I can feel that what I actually support works for the kids and I want to support their smiles! I thought it was very strong!

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[The eighth generation]Wada Misato Toyo Yingwa Women’s College third-year student

As soon as I got to school, the girls shyly followed behind their older sisters, holding my hand and hugging me. At first, she was shy, but when I drew her portrait on origami, she was happy and had a great smile. I was mesmerized by the innocent look of the girl who laughed “nihihihihi”. Seeing the children happily going to school made me appreciate the importance of support. Next time you’re in elementary school, you should be an even better girl! Really looking forward to seeing the smiling, school-going kids again!

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[9th generation]Kaifumi Naito, a second-year student at Toyo University

When I fell ill at the elementary school I visited, two boys called me worried. They brought me a drink while I rested in the shade and proudly showed me their watch and told me the time. No matter what, we are always together! Meeting these kind and lovely people is a very precious experience, because I can feel the happiness of being active in ONE LIFE!

Project Description

In this project, the student body ONE LIFE will build a school building at an elementary school in Cambodia with your support.

At that time, we will cooperate with NPO Grove Jungle and a local construction company will carry out the construction.

|Proposed primary school information

Name: Samakee Elementary School

address:Thnol Village, Svaychre Commune, Snoul District, Kratie Province

Number of classrooms: 4 classrooms

Target audience: 120 students/4 teachers

Construction period: 4 to 5 months

|Fund use

・School construction fee (including equipment purchase fee): 7,790,000 yen

・READYFOR fee (tax included): 280,500 yen

*Please donate 1,500,000 yen from it.

*The challenge this time is All or Nothing (a system that does not receive even 1 yen and refunds backers if the target amount is not reached), so the first goal was set at 1.5 million yen. We plan to set 1.8 million yen as the next target.

our thoughts

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Due to circumstances, some children in Cambodia are only aware of limited options. We have met many such children.

That’s why I want them to know the joy of learning new things, and the fact that there are many fascinating things in this world.

They may be the ones who make others smile when they learn a lot, are not bound by their surroundings, and live out their dreams and achieve their goals.

I wanted to create an opportunity to create such a warm, smiling cycle.

Would you like to create an opportunity with us to change someone’s life?

We would appreciate it if we could make this happen with those who agree with our ideas and everyone who knows us through this page.

Can you give us thoughtful support?

Some members leave a message

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【8th generation representative】Shunta Konaka, a third-year student at Toyo University

I want Cambodian children to have a “dream”! Don’t give up learning!

If I could build a new school building, I think I would have one less reason to give up.

I will do my best to make as many Cambodian elementary school students smile as possible!

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(the eighth generation vice-representative) Rinka Ozawa women’s college university three years

During the spring study tour, I visited the current situation of Samaki Primary School on the spot.Children who want to learn, teachers who can teach, vast lands, the only thing missing is a school building where classes can be held safely.

We want you to lend us your strength. Thanks.

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[The eighth-generation Director of the International Relations Bureau]A third-year student of Okuda Daichi Meiji Gakuin University

What can I do now for the Cambodian children who bring me smiles and energy through my activities? This challenge was the result of a lot of thought. I am willing to do everything in my power to create an opportunity to dream and hope for children who were born into situations where they could not receive an adequate education.

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[8th Generation Planning Director]Keisuke Kamiya is a third-year student at Daito Bunka University

Look at people all over the world. I want to bring smiles to the children of Cambodia who don’t have the things we take for granted and expand the possibilities for the future. This is why I work every day.

Thus encouraging children to take the first step towards their dreams. To make them smile.

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[The 8th Director of the International Bureau]Kengo Nagao, a third-year student at Waseda University

Now is your chance to achieve the goal you set when you joined the team: “Educate as many children as possible.” The current state of Samakee Elementary School as I witnessed it firsthand. The educational environment is not perfect. The gap with developing Phnom Penh. Despite this, the children were still smiling and eager to learn, and they also received the understanding and support of their parents. I believe the construction of the new school building will be a big step in supporting them. Please lend me your strength!

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【8th PR Director】Natsuren Arimura, a third-year student at Toyo University

This spring, Samaki Primary School was devastated by the impoverished population and the educational environment was poor. Of course, the priorities of what we do now have changed. By building a foundation from 0 to 1, I want to create opportunities for something to change. Don’t let your dreams end with dreams. please help us!

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[8th Generation Accountant]Riko Kobayashi, third-year student at Hosei University

School is fun, learning is fun and I want to make my dreams come true. I want to reach out to children who have such thoughts. Children in Cambodia have made many choices in life and have encountered them all. We just keep running for their smiles.

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[8th generation]Chiho Asanuma, a third-year student at Nippon Sports University

We want to make the future of Cambodian children brighter. I want to see the genuinely smiling faces of the kids after receiving a lot of educational support. We have dedicated our entire college life to this feeling. I hereby pledge that all members will continue to work hard and take up any challenge to help Cambodian children. Thank you!

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(the eighth generation) Kyoko Yamaguchi Kyorin University third grader

We will create smiles for Cambodian children through the smiles of us who are active in Japan and all those who give us strength. We are doing something like this. We want our children to be exposed to the wider world and to live wonderful lives. I believe this challenge is the first step towards a better future. I will do my best to make as many smiles as possible in Japan and Cambodia. Thanks.

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[8th generation]Yura Motoki, a third-year student at Japan Women’s University

For the educational support in Cambodia, for the children’s future, for the smiles…for the cross-border children, we are working hard every day. At the root of our activities is a strong desire to increase future options and realize dreams and hopes through learning in an enriching environment. The children responded that they enjoyed learning even though they did not have our “natural environment”. We believe that providing a learning environment is our mission and support. Thank you for your cooperation in this great challenge that we are taking seriously.

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[8th Generation]Mizuho Arai, a third-year student at Chiba University

I want to have lessons in a classroom that will not be interrupted even if it rains. I feel strongly that if we can accommodate our children’s wishes, we will do our best to accommodate them. There are many organizations that support education in Cambodia. However, only us students with time can support this rural elementary school, which is a long journey from the capital. I will try my best to do what I can only do now as a student. thank you for your support.

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[9th generation]Yanase Shintaro (2nd year student at Toyo University)

“What can we do when we are serious about Cambodian children?” We want to do what we can, “Let Smiles Create Smiles Campaign”. This is also for their own growth, and expanding the range of choices for children in the future is a big challenge. I’m so excited. I just want it to work. I will do my best with all my heart.

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[9th generation]Haruka Saito, a second-year student at Seibu University of Arts and Sciences

I want Cambodian kids to expand their options to realize their dreams. I hope my children never give up the desire to achieve their dreams. I want to continue creating a future where “learning at school” is “enjoyable” and “natural” for children. I am very excited about my first challenge. I will try my best to complete this great challenge! Thank you!

* Posting with member’s permission.

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