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The Kaanapali Beach Hotel is said to be the most Hawaiian-inspired hotel in Hawaii.

Hawaii is best known for Oahu, where Honolulu is located, and Hawaii, the largest island with active volcanic activity, but there are other fascinating islands such as Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. Maui is one of them, located between Oahu and Hawaii, known for its nature-rich resort area.

This time, I will introduce “Kaanapali Beach Hotel” (2525 Kaanapali Pkwy, Lahaina, HI) in Maui.

Kaanapali Beach with beautiful sand

Since there are no direct flights to Maui from Japan, I will fly from Honolulu to Kahului, the airport is in the center of Maui. It takes about 40 minutes (the flight time is about 25 minutes), and it feels like a snap.

There are many resort areas on Maui, but the area between Kaanapali and Lahaina, where the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is located, is especially popular. Kaanapali Beach, right in front of the hotel, was voted the second best beach in the United States in the 2021 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards. Kaanapali Beach is about a 45-minute drive from Kahului Airport.

The islands of Molokai and Lanai can also be seen from Kaanapali Beach, a popular resort on the west side of Maui. Humpback whales frequently visit the area from December to spring.


Kaanapali Beach attracts tourists. Molokai can be seen from the depths of the ocean, and whale watching is also a popular activity.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Owns Hawaii

There are many resort hotels along Kaanapali Beach, but the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, which opened in 1964, has been certified as “Hawaii’s Most Hawaiian Hotel” by Waiaha Foundation (Oahu), TripAdvisor and, HAWAII Magazine “. Award-winning, high-quality is all the rage.

In addition to high standards of hospitality, it is characterized by an emphasis on the heritage of Hawaiian culture, with daily cultural programs such as hula dancing, ukulele, and Hawaiian language lessons. Also, I’ll cover the details in another article, but it’s also famous for holding an annual hula competition “Hula Oh Na Keiki” for teens aged 5 to 17.


Annual Youth Hula Competition “Hula Oh Na Keiki”

About half of the rooms have been refurbished for greater comfort

The hotel has guest room towers that surround the courtyard and face the beach, with floors 1 to 6. According to different landscapes, there are sea view rooms, sea view rooms, partial sea view rooms, courtyard view rooms, and the renovated guest rooms (264 rooms) are named premium. The guest room before renovation became the traditional room name.

With traffic down during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaanapali Beach Hotel launched the Kealaula Improvement Project in March 2020 to invest in its future. The guest rooms are completely new, and the signature restaurant “Huihui” opened in the courtyard. Oh, and “Ke Alaula,” which means “light of dawn” and “glory of setting sun” in Hawaiian, seems to represent both the traditional splendor before the renovation and the new splendor after.


Rooms are located on the 1st to 6th floors


The guest room towers are built around a beautiful courtyard.


As the name suggests, you can have a panoramic view of the sea in front of you.


Traditional room with Hawaiian interior

There are many activities that can be enjoyed by the sea.

It’s the perfect place to relax by the pool in the courtyard, or hit the waves on the beach. There is also a hotel rental shop at the beach entrance where you can rent snorkelling equipment, sup boards, body boards, fins and beach umbrellas. Guest services in the lobby can arrange activities according to your needs, such as boat tours and zip lining adventures, to please even the most active.

Whalers Village Shopping Center is just steps away from the beach for convenient shopping. In addition, about 5 kilometers to the south is Lahaina, the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Walking on the crowded streets is also very pleasant.


You can enjoy sea sports in the beautiful sea


Whalers Village Shopping Center is just a short walk away.There is also a convenient ABC store in Hawaii

As part of Kaanapali Beach Hotel’s unique ceremony, guests are greeted with a garland of kukui nuts before departure. Typically, it is handed out on arrival, but the hotel also prays that guests can return home safely before check-out, starting with a traditional Ori (chanting) and explaining the meaning of the kukui nut sley.Give me

The ceremony will be held four times at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning, and you can attend at your favorite time (unfortunately, due to flight reasons, you can’t attend). In addition to such a great location and the hospitality of the staff, you can fully experience the Hawaiian culture, which is probably why it is called “the most Hawaiian hotel in Hawaii”. Consider this hotel when visiting Maui, which is a little different from Oahu.


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