Spotify “RADAR: Early Noise 2023″ニSkaai, DURDN, Furui Riho, LANAら

Spotify announced the next-generation artist “RADAR: Early Noise 2023”, which is expected to make a breakthrough in 2022.

“RADAR: Early Noise” started broadcasting in Japan in 2017, and it is now the 7th year. In the past, Aimyon, King Gnu, all the way to midnight. , Vaundy, Fujii Kaze and many other artists have gained a large audience and embarked on the road of national artists. The 10 teams selected this year are:

RADAR: Early Noise 2023 Featured Artists

spring sleep
Furui Riho
young skinny

In conjunction with this announcement, along with the playlist “RADAR: Early Noise 2023” featuring their songs, the Music + Talk program “Music Concierge Fukuryu” and the head of Spotify’s music division talking about the attractiveness of the selected artists Spotify RADAR: Early Noise 2023 Music+Talk Edition” has also been released.

In addition, on March 17 (Friday), the first “Spotify Early Noise Night #15” of this year will be held at Spotify O-EAST in Tokyo. Among the artists selected this time, Skaai, TOMOO, Young Skinny, and Ren were announced as the first artists to perform. Advance tickets will be on sale at e+ from 15:00 today. A playlist “Early Noise Night #15” associated with the event has also been released. Go and have a look.

【Event Information】

『Spotify Early Noise Night #15』
Date and time: March 17, 2023 (Gold) OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30
Venue: Spotify O-EAST, Shibuya, Tokyo
Price: ADV. ¥2,500 / DOOR ¥3,000 (each 1D is charged separately)
young skinny

…and more!

*with reference number
*Spotify Premium subscribers get 1 free drink

Note: Tickets will not be refunded if the performance is canceled or the performer is replaced.Preschool children cannot enter

Contact: Creative Man Production (03-3499-6669)

■ Air ticket details (e+)

■ “Spotify Early Noise Night” Special Edition

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