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Sports brand “FILA” Autumn 2021 “EXPLORE COLLECTION” is now on sale! |Venice

Sports brand “FILA” Autumn 2021 “EXPLORE COLLECTION” is now on sale! |Venice

Sports brand “FILA” launches 2021FALL “EXPLORE COLLECTION”.


Fall 2021 “Discovery Series”

The sports brand “FILA” launched the 2021 autumn “EXPLORE COLLECTION” today (5th).

Inspired by nature and camping, the collection features pieces that combine design with function.

Reference element:

It can be used not only for outdoor scenes such as camping, but also for daily use, and it is combined with the vision of BTS (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) acting as a model to create a stylish outfit.

We will select and introduce recommended items worn by BTS from this collection.

Explore Python Zippers

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“EXPLORE 보아집업(EXPLORE Boa Zip Up)” 2 colors / 119,000 won

This boa jacket with large outer pockets is a winter fashion must-have.

The patch with “FILA” and EXPLORE logo on the chest pocket is very casual.

The neckline, cuffs, hem, zip line are all in a color scheme that is perfect for everyday use.

Available in two colours, RM wears ‘Navy’ and ‘Light Beige’.

explore vest

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“EXPLORE 베스트 (Explore the best)” 109,000 won

This vest is loose and can be worn casually.

Multiple front pockets and a mesh pocket on the back hem make this a functional piece.

If you have one, it can be useful in various outdoor scenarios like camping.

Colors are available in “Black” and “Pure Beige” worn by V.

Explore the camouflage door figure door

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“EXPLORE 카모맨투맨(EXPLORE Duck Mentumen)” 89,000 KRW

This sweatshirt features an impressive camouflage pattern in light shades that look like they’re blurred and it will accentuate your outfit.

In addition, the black color of the pockets, hem, and cuffs adds a clean impression.

The colors are all “black” that J-HOPE wears.

explore jacket

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“EXPLORE 자켓 (EXPLORE jacket)” 199,000 won

Jacket with a loose fit and slightly longer length.

The khaki color scheme on the inside of the hood, sleeves and hem enhances the design of this item.

Since the cuffs are Velcro, the size can be adjusted conveniently, and it can prevent the wind from entering and keep out the cold.

The colors are all the “dark khaki” that Jungkook wears.

Explore Pocket Shorts

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“EXPLORE 포켓하프팬츠(EXPLORE Pocket Half Pants)” 2 colors / 89,000 won

Half-length trousers with elasticated waist for easy size adjustment with wave straps and buckle buckle.

The design of the side pockets is different, and it is a single item that is not only easy to move, but also has a sense of design.

Available in two colours, the ‘taupe’ worn by Jin and the ‘black’.

Explore hip pockets

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“EXPLORE 힙색(EXPLORE hip sack)” 2 colors / 35,000 won

This body bag can be worn on the shoulder or on the waist.

The EXPLORE logo on the front of the bag is a highlight, and the bag itself is light, so you can feel the lightness of going out empty-handed.

There is also a pocket storage inside the bag for easy access without messing up the inside of the bag.

There are two colors, “Black” which Jimin wears and “Midivar Blue”.

Explore bucket hats

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“EXPLORE 버킷햇 (Explore bucket hat)” 39,000 won

A bucket hat that can make you look stylish just by wearing it.

The FILA logo is placed in the center, and a small pocket is attached on the right side, achieving both design and functionality.

The color is “Dark Khaki” and it is easy to match with various outfits that SUGA wears.


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The “Exploration Series” of the 2021 autumn sports brand “FILA”.

Inspired by nature and camping, there are items that can be used not only in outdoor scenes, but also in everyday life.

Why not check out those pieces that combine design and function?


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Published | October 5, 2021

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