Spooky arctic fox and snail on a mission win travel photographer of the year

While many of us are stuck at home and locked in our homes, a few lucky bums have been able to get out and photograph places, animals, and life in general.

Rather than get jealous, we thought we’d be more constructive and bring you some stunning galleries of winners to lift our spirits.

So, for your visual enjoyment, here are some of our favorites from this year’s Travel Photographer of the Year awards.

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Winner – Travel Photographer of the Year – Vladimir Alekseev

Arctic fox photographed in Svalbard.Photographer Vladimir Alekseev says “Once I was on an expedition to Spitsbergen, there was a snowstorm. Everything around was the same white. Suddenly I spotted this arctic fox. He almost blended into the environment. Only his eyes and nose gave it away he…”
Vladimir Alekseev/


Winner – Travel Photographer of the Year – Vladimir Alekseev

Tolbachik Volcanic Plain, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia “The eruption is best photographed at dusk. Then it’s not too dark around, the sky has beautiful colors and the lava looks beautiful and glowing. Yes, it can be very dangerous…”
Vladimir Alekseev/


Winner – Travel Photographer of the Year – Vladimir Alekseev

Snails by the water, taken in Myanmar. “Travel photography doesn’t always capture landscapes or reportage. It often captures a macro world. These are the elements around you. The little joys of life that we don’t notice at home.
Vladimir Alekseev/

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