Spin Studio That Ghosted Customers Also Reportedly Owed Money to Instructors & a Company

Spin Studio That Ghosted Customers Also Reportedly Owed Money to Instructors & a Company

A few days ago, clients and employees of two fitness/spin bike studios, Kyklos Studio and X Fitness, closed both stores without prior warning.

The websites and social media pages of the two studios also appeared to disappear, as if the Bermuda Triangle had suddenly appeared on the internet.

As it turns out, they were also heavily in debt.

owe thousands

in an interview online todaythree former employees of Mr. Hung’s staff claimed they were owed thousands of dollars in unpaid wages.

According to business records, Mr. Atlas Ang holds directorships in four businesses involved in sports and gaming training courses. These businesses are associated with Kyklos Studio and X Fitness.

The founder of activewear brand Vaultage also claimed that Mr Hong owed her $3,000 worth of merchandise since their partnership ended in August 2021.

The Vaultage founder said she asked for her sponsored items to be returned before their partnership ended last year. However, Mr Hong told her that his studio was too busy for him to return the items to her.

So she called the police.

Other trainers fired by Mr. Ang claim they owe them $300 to several thousand dollars and that Mr. Ang regularly hires and fires fitness trainers.

In addition, new instructors who contract with the company are known to have to pay training fees ranging from $500 to $1,000.

what happened

Over the past few days, some users on TikTok have expressed their confusion over what appears to be a sudden escalation of the sudden shutdown.


I’ve been with them for almost a year, is this crazy? ! ? ! What happened sia, I have 16 lessons left. Anyone else want to contact them too? ? ☠️ #xspinclub #xfitnessclub #fyp

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Goody Feed interviewed Elyssa Yip, a gym member who had been a regular at the gym for two years before she suddenly disappeared.

“I didn’t know they were closing, or rather, they didn’t show any signs. I even went to a spin class with them on September 10, the day before they closed. The boss was there too, ‘ she said, expressing how unexpected the shutdown was.

“I’ve always felt good about them, I’ve been spinning there for over 2 years, that’s why I bought this package with them earlier this year. Now I can’t even use my points and they can’t be contacted,” she added.

She is one of the users who shared her story on TikTok and has filed a police report on her case.


However, as the investigation has only just begun, she has yet to receive an update.

The Straits Times Also contacted some customers like Yip who revealed that they bought packages of $200 to $600 and were very concerned that they would not be able to get their money back.

Some explained that they chose to work with Kyklos Studios because it seemed like an appropriate operation for a brick-and-mortar store in a mall.

Some users also flooded the company’s Google review page with their complaints and stories. The company called X Fitness previously had a 2-star rating from Google on all the damn reviews, but the Google page is gone now.

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Consumers Association of Singapore seizes the situation

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) announced that they were aware of a police report to X Fitness.


CASE chairman Mr. Melvin Yong said the association had received a separate complaint against Kyklos Studio and X Fitness between September 8 and September 13.

One consumer told CASE that she bought a $700 spin package from X Fitness, but later found out she couldn’t access its app for class bookings.

Consumers have been told how to pursue recourse, including filing a claim in small claims court, Mr Yong said.

“CASE advises consumers to avoid paying large amounts up front for prepaid packages, as it can be difficult to seek refunds for unused package slots if the company suddenly goes out of business or becomes insolvent,” he said.

when The Straits Times Visited the studio in the GRID mall on September 14th and they noticed it was closed.


The venue at X+ on Club Street also appeared to be empty, with mailboxes stuffed with letters from other companies.

Watch this video to the end to learn more about this saga:

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