Speedboat driver investigated for reckless dashing through huge waves

Police are investigating two “reckless” speedboat drivers who allegedly ignored weather warnings and sailed off the coast of Phuket, Thailand. The investigation was ordered by Nachaphong Pranit, director of the Phuket Maritime Office, on Aug. 2 when footage emerged of vessels Natthichha 555 and TSK 6 plowing through stormy waves with passengers not wearing lifejackets. The Phuket Maritime Office said the two boats were returning to Phuket from Phi Phi Island on Aug. 1 when the waves were as high as 10 feet. Initial investigations found that the 12.89 gross tonne Natthicha 555 was carrying eight passengers at the time of the accident, including driver Chiratheep Pramongkit, 25, and mechanic Pichet Pramongkit, 32. Meanwhile, the 18.37 gross tonnage TSK6 has 3 ship operators and 44 passengers on board. . Both ships were seaworthy and all required safety equipment was functioning, officials said. Currently, the vessel operator is being investigated under Section 291 of the Thai Waters Navigation Act, which states that the Harbor Master has the power to suspend “any pilot, master, navigator, boatswain, helmsman, helmsman, chief engineer or engineer” position. A person who has obtained a certificate or license but is incompetent or behaves inappropriately to his or her ability to comply with laws or regulations relating to navigation or to his or her ability to do so. The speedboat driver and related personnel are being questioned.

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